Do you have Jedi boots?

The original Jedi boots were East German officer boots. Such boots are typically 16-18" high with 1" to 1.5"  heels. They have flat tops (ie, they lack the deep side curves of a cowboy boot) and do not have laces.  Though many liberties, deviations, and variations of the boot have evolved throughout the Star Wars universe, these characteristics collectively suggest "Jedi Boots" to me:
  • Dark chocolate brown, chestnut brown, or reddish-brown color
  • Flat or gently sloped tops
  • Top of boot ends within four inches of the bottom of your knee. (I am 5' 10" and I look for 16-17" boots. 19" is too tall and 15" is the shortest I'd be comfortable with.)
  • No laces
  • Black or brown soles (not natural rubber or, god forbid, yellow/orange/green etc)
The good news is that brown knee boots are all the rage in women's fashion lately. Guys, don't be afraid to try out some women's boots. I've done it myself. It is true, I got many strange looks from guys and gals alike, probably wondering whether I was a cross dresser or had some weird "try on women's shoes in the mall" fetish. But if you score a good pair of low-heeled boots that fit, the weird looks are worth it.