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This page contains a collection of my own documents related to various issues in ELT, including handouts and summaries from workshops and conference presentations that I have given. 

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> Portfolio Europeo de las lenguas (PEL)

      Málaga / Marbella-Coín (noviembre de 2006)

1. Resumen de una sesión para profesores de Primaria

2. Resumen de una sesión para profesores de Secundaria (ESO)

> CLIL methodology (in progress)

1. CLIL module planning guide

> CLIL materials (in progress)

1. Vertebrates: Reading text

2. Musical Instruments: Vocabulary

3. Sports Mania: Vocabulary

4. Tools for Technology: Vocabulary

5. Fruits and vegetables: Vocabulary

6. Landforms: Vocabulary

7. Art_Supplies_-_Vocabulary.pdf

8. My World in English - Powerpoint

9. Vertebrates - Vocabulary