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Just a few things that don't necessarily fit the other categories!
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The brightest quasar in the night sky, 3C-273, 5 April 2010


Another exotic object, blazar PKS 2155-304, 17 September 2008

LHS 3169, a high proper motion star (marked by arrow & question marks), detected by the difference between star position in image and position on a Deep Sky Survey plate.  The bluish star in the cross-hairs is outbursting dwarf nova V893 Sco.  Image taken 26 September 2010.

Bright red Carbon Star, R Leporis, 30 November 2009.

Sequential frames from camcorder showing the bright star Antares emerging from the dark limb of the Moon after an occultation.  Taken 7 April 2007.

Short video of the occultation of bright star Antares by the Moon, 23 April 2008