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Dwarf Planets & Minor Planets

Minor planets are solar system bodies that are not planets or comets.  Now known by the preferred term "small solar system bodies", they include a vast and fast-growing number of objects as modern surveys reveal more and more.  Dwarf planets are minor planets of sufficient mass to form ellipsoidal bodies under their own gravity.  Only five bodies, Ceres in the main asteroid belt and trans-Neptunian objects Pluto, Haumea, Makemake and Eris, have so far been classified as Dwarf Planets.
Information on Minor Planets (small solar system bodies):
Information on Dwarf Planets:
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PLUTO, former planet, now classified as a dwarf planet:

Pluto, the movie:

Dwarf Planet Ceres moving across NGC 6523 (M8, Lagoon Nebula) in Sagittarius, 1-2 June 2010 


Animation of movement of Minor Planet 4 Vesta over ten consecutive nights, 31 Aug - 9 September 2007 
Minor Planet 15 Eunomia moving in Sagittarius,
12-13 June 2010.
 372 Palma beginning to move across the disk of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31),
19 October 2011
 NEA 1998 TU3

A 5.2km diameter lump of rock, situated about 0.193 A.U. from Earth at the time of this image - not considered a potentially hazardous asteroid.

It was well situated for southern observers and was a relatively easy one to image with basic gear - bright (mag 12.6, heading to mag 12.4), with slow sky motion allowing longer exposures. That's not to say I've done it particularly well, LOL!

The above composite tracks its motion over 25 minutes - 80 sec exposures were used, piggybacked Canon 400D at 200mm, hand-guided through reticle on unmotorised EQ1 mount.