The Moon provides wonderful imaging opportunities for all levels of equipment, from point-and-shoot automatic cameras to high-end, long-focal-length telescopes & cams.  These pages contain some samples of my Moon photography - eclipses are on this page, and the rest can be found in the top links in the left-hand menu...



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Total eclipse of the Moon, 28 August 2007

 Total Lunar Eclipse, 15 June 2011.  Montage with partial phases arranged to simulate the Earth's umbral shadow, to scale.  This was a particularly deep eclipse, with a deep red Moon.

Partial lunar eclipse, 16 August 2008

Canon 400D on tripod, 200mm, 1 sec at ISO 400, F/5.6.  This picture made Sky At Night magazine's "Hotshots" in November 2008, and featured on the front page of SpaceWeather on 16 August 2008: SpaceWeather


Penumbral lunar eclipse, 9 February 2009

This picture was published in Australian Sky & Telescope magazine.
Partial lunar eclipse, 26 June 2010.
Imaged from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with a Canon 400D at 200mm
 Partially eclipsed Moon rising above cloud, 21 December 2010.  Only the last partial phase of this total lunar eclipse was visible from my location.
Shot from Clearspot Lookout near Bright, Victoria, Australia, with a Canon 400D.
Partially eclipsed Moon above the hilltops, 21 December 2010.
Layered composite of short and long exposure.
 Totally eclipsed Moon in dawn skies, taken from Mt Porepunkah, NE Vic, overlooking Mt Buffalo and the fog-filled Ovens Valley.  20:47, 15 June 2011 UT.
Canon 400D, 37mm, 0.8 sec at ISO 1600, F/5.
Deeply eclipsed red Moon, total lunar eclipse of June 2011
Totally eclipsed Moon against the backdrop of the Milky Way, total lunar eclipse of June 2011
Eclipse phases, total lunar eclipse of June 2011