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Here are some of my favourite links to what is happening in the sky - new comet discoveries, latest sun news, new novae & supernovae, near-earth asteroids  etc  All the Sun and sky news! List of the most recent Circulars from the International Astronomical Union.  Subscriptions are required to obtain actual circulars. All the latest supernova news, with discovery images. Near real-time images of the Sun, in a variety of wavelengths. Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (IAU) The 50 most recent Central Bureau Electronic Telegrams (IAU). Recent Minor Planet Electronic Circulars. American Association of Variable Star Observers - variable star news & observing. Cataclysmic variable section of AAVSO - latest news. Tom's Asteroid Fly-bys - all the latest data on upcoming near-earth asteroid fly-bys.  Create personalised ephemerides. Seiichi Yoshida's comet site, updated regularly with current comet information.  Southern Hemisphere catered for at the click of a mouse.  Ephemerides of all currently-observable comets, with the latest 'breaking-news' discoveries at the top. Austral Variable Star Observer Network website - latest observations and news.  The Astronomers' Telegram, for reporting and commenting on new astronomical observations.


Want to see what's happening in skies around the world, live?  Go here and click on the red links, indicating that those channels are broadcasting:
Don't miss Ken's Snake Valley Australia channel, broadcasting awesome southern skies from a Samsung SCC-A2333 camera in a Saxon 120mm f5 Achro, 0.6x focal reducer, on EQ6.


If astronomy forums are of interest to you, here's a few:

Oort Cloud (formerly South Celestial Pole) is a growing Australian forum with some very good imagers.  All levels of astro-imaging & astronomy interest catered for.  A robust meeting place that combines some pretty serious astro with bursts of mayhem and the not-so-serious!

Webcam Moon Imagers is a relatively small Yahoo group for people interested in imaging the Moon with a webcam.  There is a monthly Imaging Challenge, where members have to shoot for a particular feature of the Moon!  The Challenge has two sections, to give opportunities for people with less advanced gear.

Amateur Astropics is a very small Yahoo group which would suit beginner astro-imagers, or more experienced people with limited equipment.  All astropics welcome, whatever level!  Create and share your own photo gallery; use the astronomical events calendar.

asv_astrophotography is a Yahoo group representing members of the Astronomical Society of Victoria who are interested in astrophography.  

Some big astronomy forums:

Cloudy Nights

Ice in Space