Welcome to the SalGo Population Ecology Team
The SalGo team researches in the following areas:

  - Strategies that allow organisms to cope with extreme stochastic conditions and how will climate change affect their future performance

  - Conditions that favor the evolution of senesce, and mechanisms by which senescence may be postponed or avoided

  - Main drivers of life history diversity

  - Strength of trade-offs (e.g. survival and reproduction) in modular and unitary organisms

  - Effect of anatomical constraints and physiological mechanisms onto population dynamics

The group's ultimate goal is to develop an integrative academic research plan where we use biochemical, anatomic and physiological approaches to examine demographic aspects of an organism' life cycle through a combination angles including field and lab work, as well as ecological modeling and comparative biology.

Main academic address:
University of Oxford, Department of Zoology, New Radcliffe House, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, OX2 6GG, Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK
Skype: robertosalguerogomez
You can see what I'm up to here (if you've been granted access).