Wave Field Processing, Imaging, and Inversion

Rob F. Remis
Circuits and Systems Group
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
TU Delft

Current Research Topics

If you are an MSc student at TU Delft and interested in doing your MSc thesis
in one of these or related research areas then please contact me via email.
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Dielectric Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Development of electromagnetic optimization algorithms to design high permittivity materials that significantly improve MR image quality.

Krylov Subspace Model-Order Reduction of Large-Scale Wave field Systems
Efficient time- and frequency-domain model-order reduction techniques to model fields and waves characterized by a small number of resonances or by large travel times.

Electrical Properties Tomography
Retrieval of the dielectric tissue parameters (conductivity and permittivity) at Larmor frequencies based on standard MR magnetic flux density measurements.

Low-Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Development of a low-field MR scanner for developing countries including system realization, data modeling, and processing.

In collaboration with the Applied Mathematics Department of TU Delft (Dr. Martin van Gijzen) and the Gorter Center for High-Field MRI of the Leiden University Medical Center (Prof. A. Webb)