Google Earth Rain Estimate Overlay

Google Earth Radar Estimate Overlay for Arkansas

1.  Install Google Earth:

2. Download Fish's Google Streams overlay from here:  gstreams.AR.02.kmz and save it to your computer (remember where you saved it).

3.  Open the gstreams.AR.02.kmz file by double-clicking on it (remember where you saved it?)

4.  The .kmz file will open in Google Earth.  On the side bar on the left, you can save the file so it will always be available when you open Google Earth.  
     To save the file, right-click GoogleStreams under temporary places and select "Save to my places".

Google Earth with only the stream overlay installed:

5.  Now that you have everything setup in Google Earth, just go to the NOAA website to get the radar data 
    (Bookmark this page so you can easily go back to it the next time it rains.)

6.  On the NOAA website, go to the section "Multiple radars - Multiple Images" and find Arkansas in the first menu.  Select the
     Fort Smith or Little Rock Radar, or hold down the Ctrl key and click on them both.  Might as well select both the radars, you can easily
     switch between the two by using the check boxes in the places section on the left.  In the second menu, select "Storm Total Precipitation", then
     select submit.  You will be asked to run or save the file, select run, or save the file then open it.

NOAA radar KMZ data file download site:

The file will open in Google Earth (Google Earth will open automatically after opening the NOAA file).  You should now see the radar estimate overlaid with the streams and 
headwaters so you can see precisely where the rain fell in relation to the creeks. Fort Smith and Little Rock's radar estimates may vary from each other.  Not long
ago, Little Rock's was highly over estimated, but recently they seem to be closer in their estimates.
On the left side, in the Places section, check LZK to see Little Rocks radar or SRX for Fort Smiths radar.

Google Earth with the stream overlay and both radars: 

Zoomed in view:  You can zoom in using the mouse wheel.  The rivers are outlined with pink and the headwaters are drawn in yellow.

This overlay was made by Fish (Bill Herring) and his work is greatly appreciated by the paddling community.
Above instructions by Rob Pollan
Email me for suggestions or changes. -
Correlations with the estimate and actual reported rainfall would be fantastic; I will post here if you email me the correlations.

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