The Robotics Realization Laboratory (RRL) is a multi-user lab intended to create a thriving community of robotics researchers at the University of Maryland, College Park. This shared use model requires engagement from the users themselves for training new users and maintaining equipment. Equipment use fees go toward supporting material costs and equipment maintenance and DO NOT currently support staff, faculty, or student salaries. If you join the RRL, you are a member, not a user. So please take care and play nice!

Users: Currently, the lab is limited to users who are members of the Maryland Robotics Center (or you are closely affiliated with a faculty member in the center).

Signing up: In order to provide safe, accessible access to the RRL, you need to sign up for the scheduler (on which you reserve lab equipment), go through a lab orientation, and get qualified on equipment that you plan to use.
  1. NanoCenter registration: The reservation system for the RRL uses the NanoCenter infrastructure. Therefore, please register as a NanoCenter user here:
  2. RRL Account: Fill out the RRL Account setup form. Even if you are not using equipment that is charged to start, we need an account on file in case you use equipment that is charged in the future.
  3. Lab orientation: sessions are held every Tuesday at 10 am, unless no sign up sheets were submitted. Fill out the orientation form below to sign up and contact Ivan Penskiy ( Each session should only take about an hour and will cover a brief lab tour as well as general safety information (Orientation slides, MEng).
  4. Equipment training: once you have signed up, submitted your account setup form, and gone through an orientation, you may get trained and qualified on equipment that you plan to use. Read through the appropriate SOPs and manuals and contact the Lab Manager to start your training.

Safety: This lab contains both equipment and chemicals that can hurt you so be careful! Everybody must go through the following training:
Those who are qualified on the fume hood also need:
  • Waste disposal

Etiquette: A couple points of etiquette will make this a much happier place for all members.
  • Do not touch things that aren't yours or equipment that you are not trained on. Imagine somebody coming into the lab and playing with a robot that you have spent months designing and building, only to break it. If you don't want this to happen to you, do not subject others to it! Similarly, in order to provide the highest possible up-time for equipment, do not touch equipment that you are not trained on! Some of this equipment has easily accessible, fragile components that cost several $1000 on their own. You are not two years old; you can control your impulses.
  • Clean up after yourself! Showing up to use equipment that has been left in a state of disaster is no fun to anyone and can damage the equipment. 
  • Cell phone usage. Use your best judgement here. If you are the only person in the lab (okay for some equipment, but not generally recommended), feel free to talk as much as you'd like as long as it does not distract from using the equipment. If others are in the lab, please make sure that you are not bothering them by using the phone.
Orientation Signup Form