Realization Room (0305):


uPrint SE Plus: Fused deposition modeling 3d printer using ABSplus thermoplastic

Objet30 Pro: Polyjet 3d printer capable of printing a wider variety of materials at higher resolution.

Roland MDX-540 Mill: 4-axis desktop mill for plastics, resins, wood and non-ferrous metals


Universal VLS3.50 Laser Cutter: 50W CO2 laser cutter with 24" x 12" cutting bed

Westbond 7476E Wirebonder: Manual wedge wire bonder

Zephyrtronics solder station: Zephyrtronics solder station: BGA and SMD soldering system with airbath

Fume hood

Erlab Green Filtered Fume Hood: filtered fume hood for solvent use

MDO4054 mixed domain scope: oscilloscope that also includes a logic analyzer and spectrum analyzer
Misc equipment

Miscellaneous equipment

Robotics Room (0307):


Baxter: Humanoid robot with 2 7-axis arms, integrated cameras, sonar, and torque sensors using ROS

 Sawyer: collaborative robot for precision tasks. It has one 7-DOF arm and is capable of handling payloads up to 4 kg

Kuka LBR5 iiwa robot arms: Kuka LBR5 iiwa robot arms: 2 human-safe 7-axis arms capable of 7 kg payloads and accurate pose repeatability

ReFlex TakkTile 1: 1st gen robotic gripper (3 fingers, 4 DOF) from RightHand Labs

  ReFlex TakkTile 22nd gen robotic gripper (3 fingers, 4 DOF) from RightHand Labs
Geomagic Touch

Geomagic Touch: motorized haptic device with 6 sensing and 3 force feedback DOF from 3D systems
Segway RMP-440-LE

Segway RMP-440LE: Mobile robot capable of 200 lb payload in rough terrain
TurtleBot v3

 TurtleBot: Open source mobile robot with on-board computing power and vision sensors. ROS compatible. The lab houses several versions of this robot.

Imaging Sensors:


Optitrack Prime 17W motion capture: 8 adjustable cameras (360 fps, 1.7 MPixel) for motion tracking
VLP-16 Puck

VLP-16 LiDAR: 360 deg Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensor from Velodyne

Leddar: solid-state LiDAR sensor from Leddartech

ZED camera

ZED: stereo camera capable of building depth maps in various environments including indoors and outside.
DVS128 camera

DVS128: dynamic vision camera capable of microsecond time resolution with low required bandwidth and computational power.

Computing capabilities:


ROS Workstations: computer stations designated for work with platforms that use Robot Operating System (ROS).

Niveus 4904GT: this is a workstation from Penguin Computing with significant CPU and GPU processing power.

Medical robots:


Anklebot: robot designed to study and train lower-extremities.