CMANTIC Lab features Robotics and STEM outreach activities through summer workshops, high school internships, international  and national robotic competitions, and high school teacher mentoring summer programs.
The robotics outreach program promotes the interaction of middle school and high school students with the latest technologies that are being used within the robotics world. 

Topics about roboticsautomation and their applications are introduced at an early stage in a student’s educational career. Students are given the opportunity to have hands-on the robotic systems by means of the summer workshops, competitions and internships. They are motivated to pursue robotics for higher education and as a profession. 

Latest Activities:

  • [November 17th] 
    CMANTIC Lab visited Aldrich Elementary’s robotics club to talk about robots.
  • [November 7th] 
    HuskerBots team is ranked 17 worldwide and continues its participation.
  • [October 28th] 
    CMANTIC Lab visited St. Columbkille school in Papillion to talk about robots and robotics competitions.
  • [October 24th] 
    CMANTIC Lab at the Strategic Air and Space Museum displaying different robots for STEM efforts.
  • [October 20th] HuskerBots team is ranked 26 worldwide and continues moving forward!
  • [October 15th] 
    CMANTIC Lab featured a robotic class at the Exploring Post event.
  • [October 1st] The HuskerBots Team has passed to the second round of the competition! CONGRATULATIONS!!!