CRANDROIDS Robot Design Proposal

We used LDraw to design our robot

Our robot is designed to run missions in the Moonbots Challenge. Our robot has an arm that picks up helium-3 and water ice samples. It uses two motors to drive and one for the arm.  It has an ultrasonic sensor, a prox sensor and a compass sensor to guide it through the mission.  The camera is placed so it has a good view of the manipulator.

Robot requirements
     Can go down ramp, climb craters, drive on to pad
     Good balance
     Hold camera (Kodak C182 digital camera)
     Pick up objects
Base and Drivetrain
          Tank treads with front shaped to help climb
          Two motor tank drive
          Wheels in front and beams in the rear to keep robot balanced
           Treads good for ramp, climbing craters, lunar night
           Less weight and fewer parts than 4 wheel drive              
    Other concepts considered
            Big wheels
            Medium wheels with 4 wheel drive
     Compass Sensor- overall navigation
     Ultrasonic Sensor- to detect walls    
     EOPD (Prox)Sensor- to detect crater  
     Encoders- distance and turning
Decending the ramp
Climbing a crater