The Nerd Commandments





This is a modified form of the Nerd Code of Honor, but abbreviated into a list of ten commandments.

1: Thou Shalt admit thou art a nerd

2: Thou Shalt use computers and enjoy the presence thereof

2: Thou Shalt cause those who would be thine friends to despise you, think you strange, or be thine followers.

3: Thou Shalt not be on any sports or non-nerd hobby team.

5: Thou Shalt enoy playing videogames

7: Thou Shalt associate with nerds

9: Thou Shalt type 60 wpm

10: Thou Shalt speak a language other than your native language

16: Thou Shalt have a deathly fear of the opposite sex
16a) any non-realities are an exception

18: Thou Shalt worship thine game, strategy guide/weekly world news

19: Thou Shalt name thy children (if thee has any) after videogame characters

29: Thou Shalt relate real life to D&D


Sorry about it being really randomly numbered, and actually being twelve commandments.  See, there were originally 40 ish, and I'm trying to condense them.  A lot.