Speakin' Funny 




The Nerd Commandments 

The Following are fictional languages that are fairly nifty.


    This is a form of elvish, actually used mostly in LotR.  There are other froms, notably Sindarin, but this is to a link for quenya.

The link goes to the site index.


    This is a language created by me.  It is fairly simple, and verbs are done using verb tables.  The most interesting feature are two seperate words, which are used to describe action recipient and adjective recipient.  

It also only contains eleven letters, mostly being non-plosive and voiced.  The point was to create a language that was quite silent.

 (currently not up, and possibly never will be because I didn't like it very much)


    This language is also created by me, but is slightly more complicated than Naren.  I also have a larger amount of letters, but I tend to favor non-voiced sounds, such as th, s, k, and ch.