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My Ideas

I will not disclose huge amounts of information so as to lose my ideas to others. I will however disclose enough so as the reader will understand what I am talking about. 
Warnings are because I have several good reasons to beleive they are not at all possible.  I just leave them up because its fun to remember how I thought.

For devices that fly, I use my own abbreviation system. The first two letters show the altitude of flying, the third letter is the movment it makes, and the last letters say how it flies. As such:

This stands for Low Altitude Hovering by Ionic Compression
As for what it does, the name kindof says it all. This device allows an object to hover at low altitudes (like less than ten feet). It works in a similar fashion as a normal hovercraft, but with the fact that it uses ions and magnets instead of air to keep it aloft. The craft would have the usual rubber skirt, or it could use a rim, so long as that the skirt had magnets on the inside of it the same polarity as the ions that would be ejected. The underside of the hovercraft would be plated in magnets that polarity also. Ion ejectors would blow ions down underneath the LAHIC, and the craft would float off of the repulsion from the ions. The following link is to a picture



 Medium to high warning.  Due to the fact that I still have my doubts about this not working.  Truthfully it violates one of Newton's laws, and might as well be a Flux Capacitor (though nothing like it)
VAHIP stands for Variable Altitude Hovering by Inertial Propulsion. This flying device uses pistons like those on a train, and the ends of the pistons go in a track so as that when the track is in an egg shape. when the piston goes around the top, it will change direction quickly so as that it makes the vehicle bump upwards. If one were to place enough of these all working in a series, it might be possible to create a device that flies at pretty much any altitude. picture the circle at the end of the piston is a weight so as to increase the upward force 


Proton Battery

Slight Warning. Magnetic Fields will not affect charged particles like I originally planned.
The Proton Battery is a battery that is designed to be a battery that would not take huge amounts of energy to create and be completely rechargebale in a few quick steps. The battery is made out of two parts. One is the chamber holder, which acts as the object to go where the battery is, while the other is the part that actually generates electricity. The chamber holder has two magnets mounted on each end of it, while there are contacts that connect each terminal to the inside of the holder. the magnet on the positive side of the battery has the positive polarity facing towards the negative end, while the magnet at the negative end has the negative polarity facing towards the positive end. Magnet sheilds are placed over the outside of the holder so as the magnets do not repel electrons from going through the battery.
The inner chamber peice consists of two chambers that are funnel shaped, with the small parts connecting each other together. There is a wire that runs from one end to the other with little terminals on each end of the wire outside of the chambers to connect to the chamber holder. There is a small stick that sticks out off of the chambers so that the user can pull the chambers out of the chamber holder. picture

Magnetic Anti-Gravity

Close to impossible warning.  But you never know...
This is only a far fetched idea, not actually something that i really have design ideas as due to the fact that it requires technology that we do not have. It deals with things that would pretty much disobey most laws, not to mention it might break the Law of Conservation of Energy. But here are the ideas.
First, the only real thing that keeps this from happening is a funny thing due to magnets. For some odd reason, current technology does not have a barrier that allows magnetism to go only one direction. If it did, then this would work. All a person would have to do is to get either an attractive or repulsive set of magnets. Then, you would put this one way magnet barrier between them and one magnet would be repelled or attracted from the other, while the other was not effected. Then you would connect the two magnets together, and one would try to move towards or away from the other magnet and it would cause the whole device to move. Then someone could stick objects on the whole setup, and you could have a device that could make you float, or even move around, and even control it's speed by changing the distance between the magnets. But as I told before, it is limited by the fact that we do not have one way magnetic barriers.

MC Cube

I'm pretty sure that I am not alone thinking up an idea like this, but it is still cool. This is about the most I have ever thought out an idea for something, so that means it must be important, or at least to me. But it might be to you after looking this over.
The MC stands for Modular Computer. Cube just explains it's shape. But this thing really is a whole lot easier to explain in picture than in word. But anyways...
The reason this thing is modular is due to the fact that it is, well, modular. The whole thing is based around a center cube,which I guess would be as small as you could get a motherboard. Then, out of all the sides except for the front there would be jacks. The would vary, based upon the devices that you would plug into them. On the top, there would be a jack for the display. details and pics (the rest of the links to the details contain pics right on the page). Then, there would be the right side which could have jacks so that the user could plug their RAM into it. details and pics. The bottom of the cube would have jacks for various drives of all sorts. details and pics. The left side would be for linking to various other devices for say USB, Firewire, Serial, etc. details and pics. Then the back would be where the user could plug in fans and power devices. details and pics. As for the center peice, this would contain the motherboard, and you would of course buy the processor that you would use on that motherboard. This center device would still have the power button on the front. The center peice could also be able to completely fold open, in the same way you would make those paper cubes, that look like a T. Then you could service it.

Rotational PMM

This is definitely impossible warning

I have thought up a huge amount of ideas for perpetual motion machines, and this is the best one I can think up of. I know that perpetual motion machines are supposedly impossible, but I think that they might be possible using magnets or gravity. I think this do to the fact that gravity and magnets both seem to constantly eminate energy, so due to some weird thinking of mine, I thought up this. I do not know for sure if this works, so don't take it as real. I am not an expert in this stuff, so don't take my word for it.
This works by kind of like a motor. It works by having an outer shell that rotates around a center circle. The outer circle would have magnets on it that are in the shape of triangles. These triangles are 30-60-90 triangles, and on the hypotenuse they would have magnetic sheilds. The positive side would be facing outwards. picture
The inner circle would have the same type of triangles, but these would have the flat side facing the outer magnets flat side. They would also have the magnet sheilds. These magnets would also be on springs , so that they could be pushed into the middle, but still stick out. Thus, when the outer ring has a magnet rotate past an inner ring magnet, the outer pushes the inner into the center, and then once it goes past, the inner will pop out. This will cause the two to be repelled from each other, and thus cause the outer ring to continue on rotating. The following link goes to a flash player video I created. movie