The Nerd Commandments 


  This here is my gallery. All the stuff that I make is comepletely done by me using Blender and The GIMP.




  This starship is an NCC 1701-E, but with class A nacelles


  you need to see this fullscreen to actually see it.  Just a little particle effect made in blender.  Only took about five minutes to make the whole thing. 

This thing took me twenty minutes to render.  Must've set some record for me.  That happens though when you have several reflective, transparent objects.  And let's not forget Ambient Occlusion

 It took forever to figure out how to do a lens flare, and then it took forever to tweak it to look right.  All in all, this took double forever.


 This is two reflective planes. There are four lights all around a sphere.  Funny thing is, raytracing only reflects back and forth six times.  It stopped where the bottom and top planes have the light spread out in a tree fashion.

This is a Protoss Scout.  This isn't done as of yet, and I'm going to animate it or something when I'm done.


 This is some portal or something.   It took five minutes to render, becuase of Ambient Occlusion, and it only looks good if I set the Octree Resolution to 512

 Just some floating thing.  I made this while listening to Breaking Benjamin, so that might explain something...


A picture of a bunch of floating cubes.  Supposed to be floating high in the sky.  I finally found out how to do the clouds with the non-cloud part actually being see through.

lightsaberwithremote.wmv  video I made using a model from blender wars and me swinging a stick around.  Lasers and lightsaber were done using LSMaker.

 A glass sphere that is broken.  It's floating above a pedastal.  It also has a red tinge within it.  Render time was 16.19.32.  This is because I rendered it at an aspect ratio of 1 and at 1280 x 1024.  It also uses ambient occlusion and  an octree resolution of 256.

Similar, but a few things changed.  The cracked glass bottom was done by taking a picture of cracked glass and making the reflection of the mirror be affected by the image texture.  Oh, and the bottom mirror is actually a sheet of glass, and then a sheet that is an almost perfect mirror (which has the image texture applied to it).

Bunch of cubes and pipes...  This took forever to render.  Two hours, 59 minutes, 4 seconds.  OSA was at 11, ambient occlusion at 5 samples, and octree at 512.  The pipes are glass material settings (obtained from wiki).  Cubes are just more reflective, and have an alpha of .8

Really old.  I just never figured it was very good.  I made it in the process of coming up for a company logo.  Made a couple others.  They chose the stupid adobe illustrator poduced one too...  Oh yeah.  quick render.  Like two minutes with everything all the way up.

 Picture of me.  Changed a bunch with just the filter effects...

Starcraft battlecruisers.  I got the model off of a repository somewhere, but they were in 3ds max format.  Got it changed, etc.  But it was all messed up, so I had to do quite a bit of editing to them.  Only real same thing is the basic general shape...

Just abstract spheres floating over some really weirdly reflecting surface. 

A model I'm currently working on.  It's compeletely rigged.  I only have to finish the head and hands.




I'd like to make the hair as in the next picture, but I dunno. 

Original image that I'm making this from.  NOT something I drew.  Just something I found.



Some curving path.  Part of my experimentation with very large render areas.


Kind of like yin and yang...  The center shock wave thing was  a separate image.  Then stuck on top of the two force thingies.

Apotheosis of some sorts.  Mmm... subsurface scattering.  Human model downloaded from the BMR. 

NO post processing.