Robert Meldahl

Author, Computer Scientist, Philosopher 


Robert Meldahl has graduate degrees in both law and computer science. In a very varied career, he has worked as an attorney, a computer scientist for the old Bell Laboratories, and has been a Vice-President for a major Wall Street financial institution. He has authored Being and the End of History, a work on Western and Eastern philosophy, Banking the Past, an essay on how to use multi-dimensional database technology to revolutionize financial analysis, and The Tao of Financial Information, a seminal work that proves that today's financial statements are based upon bad mathematics and that after a simple math error is corrected they become easy and intuitive to both produce and understand. Robert is currently developing a Web 2.0 Dashboard for Business Intelligence.

Books by  Robert Meldahl

The Tao of Financial Information  

Banking the Past 

Being and the End of History