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Introduction to Managing Volunteers
Our Introduction to Managing Volunteers course is aimed at those new to working with volunteers or with little / no formal training in leading and managing volunteers.

We provide a comprehensive six-week overview of the essentials, based on course material written and developed by two leaders in the UK volunteer management field, Sue Jones and Rob Jackson.

We'll give you a self-paced, personalised and tightly focused learning experience that doesn't cost the earth.

To find out when the next course is starting, how much it costs and to sign up please visit the course website.

"I feel more comfortable in my Volunteer Coordinator’s skin. I know more and I can say and prove more, too.” 

"Thank you for a concise and very useful course."

"The course was fantastic. Thanks so much."

"It was an amazing course, I have really appreciated the vast amount of valuable information. It has been a huge timesaver, as I had been faced with the task of filtering through all the info available on the web. But this has provided a firm foundation, and pointed me in all the right directions."

"My questions have all been answered."

"I did enjoy the course, and whilst a lot of the information was not new to me, it was great to look at again."

"I would just like to thank you for your support. I really enjoyed doing this course and, as a new volunteer manager, I learnt a lot. I intend progressing further with on-going professional development in the very near future."