Blog and other writing

As well as the content available on our website, we also have our own blog.  

The blog is a forum for Rob to share his thoughts and reflections on a range of issues related to our work.  

Whether it is a comment on a current issue in volunteering, civil society or the wider environment in which we operate, or a personal reflection on a hot topic or aspect of running a business, Rob's posts are intended to be though provoking, interesting and sometimes controversial.  

Please do pay a visit to the blog, read Rob's thoughts and share your own by posting comments.  We really want to encourage people to use the interactivity of the blog to share their own reflections on the ideas Rob writes on and stimulate debate and discussion. 

If you have ideas for topics Rob could address in the blog or if you're interested in writing a guest post then please contact Rob.

Other writing
In addition to our blog, Rob also writes for a range of publications and websites, including a monthly 'voice of volunteering' blog for Third Sector magazine online.

Past work includes:

Rob is also currently editing the first UK edition of Susan J Ellis' popular book aimed at gaining senior management support for volunteer programmes, From The Top Down and has recently had published the Complete Volunteer Management Handbook (formerly Essential Volunteer Management) by the Directory of Social Change

If you are interested in having us write something for you then please contact Rob.