Photo: sampling for calcic soils research in Nevada, 2006.

About my institutional affiliation:
ALL faculty of the W.M. Keck Science Department are faculty at EACH of our three host institutions. Thus:
I am a Claremont McKenna faculty member.
I am a Pitzer faculty member.
I am a Scripps faculty member.
This is more of a 100-100-100% affiliation than a 33.3-33.3-33.3% split.
For more information about the W.M. Keck Science department, please click this FAQ link.

Photo: arid soil minerals imaged with a scanning electron microscope, 2011.

Research Interests: Soil Science (Soil Genesis (Pedology), & Applications), Geology (Geomorphology, Paleosol Analysis, Environmental Reconstructions, Surficial Geology), Environmental Science, GIS (mapping), Micromorphology (SEM-EDS, Optical Microscopy), Mineralogy (XRD), Soil & Mineral Chemistry,  Biogeography, the "Critical Zone", & Earth Systems linkages.