The Start...

Although an expensive out lay, I felt that if I was going to do my patch justice, I would need a good trap. A 125w MV Robinson was purchased as a part Christmas present and I signed up to the Garden Moth Survey, more of which later.
I had decided to try and trap on suitable nights right through the year from January to December to get a good selection of species available.
On the right is the set up. I have the trap set on a clockwork timer to come on at dusk and go off at dawn. It pays to get up and cover the trap holes as soon as possible after the light goes off to stop escapes and to protect the moths from bird attack. Great Tits can kill a lot before you get up! Then its back to bed and the moths can be sorted at a reasonable time. 
On warm summer days I lift the sealed trap into a cool shady spot to stop the captives overheating in the sunshine.
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Moth Trap on a sheet so moths are easily seen in the dark.
The sockets are in a modified tupperware box to keep dry through the night. The lid is snapped on.
Then a cover is placed over the tupperware box and trap choke to keep the lot away from the elements.
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