Classroom Visits & Library Policies

All grade levels visit the library each week. Students hear a story or receive instruction in library skills. Then students have a chance to browse the collection and check out books. (Kindergarteners begin checking out books in October.) Library time provides an opportunity for students to share their enthusiasm for reading, discuss ideas, and practice expressing their opinions in a respectful setting.

hardback fiction
Robinson Riptides RESPECT the Library

R eturn books to the shelf properly; use a paint stick
E njoy reading
S low down; don't run or push classmates
P ush in chairs
E ating and drinking are No-No's
C lean up after yourself
T alk in a respectful way; actively listen
Circulation: Robinson students and their parents may check out books from the library. The loan period is one week. A book may be renewed twice, but only if no one is waiting for that book. If a student or parent has an overdue book, he or she may not check out new books until the overdue book is returned or renewed. There is never a late fee, but patrons are responsible for the cost of replacing lost or damaged books.

Check-out Policy:
The number of books a student is allowed to check is determined by his/her grade. Kindergarteners begin checking out one book each week beginning in October (these books remain in the classroom). First graders may have one book checked out at a time; second graders, two books; third graders, three books; fourth graders, four books; and fifth graders, five books. The loan period for each book is one week unless the due date falls on a holiday, in which case the book is due back during the following class visit.
Renewals: Books may be renewed unless there is a hold on the book (i.e.,  someone is waiting to check out the book).
Overdue books: There is no fine for overdue books. However, until the book(s) is returned or renewed the student may not check out another book. At the end of the school year, if there are any overdue books (including lost and damaged books that have not been replaced) report cards will be held until all library records are cleared (please see below).
Lost or damaged books: Patrons are responsible for the cost of replacing lost or damaged books. Please see me as soon as possible if you have lost or damaged a book; we can discuss whether the book can be fixed or whether it needs to be replaced. If students misplace a book I will send a letter home encouraging them to enlist the help of their family to search for the book again. If the book cannot be found it must be replaced. I will inform you of the price of the book(s). Payment can be made by cash (exact change requested) or check (made out to MBUSD). If the book is found a refund will be made through the district's Business Office; unfortunately, your money cannot be refunded directly.
Before/After school:
Students may visit the library with a parent or adult guardian during school hours unless there is a class in session. If the library is closed, students are not permitted to be in the Learning Center even if accompanied by an adult. The library is occasionally open during before school time (7:50am to 8:20am) for younger siblings to work on homework while waiting for their older sibling to be dismissed. Please be aware that, per school rules, students must be supervised by an adult while in the library. The library is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings. Please check the calendar for up-to-date information on when the library is not available. We are also open for book returns after school until 2:45pm everyday except Wednesdays.

End of the year policy: All library books must be returned during the last week of regular class visits. If your book is lost or damaged it will have to be replaced. Payment for lost or damaged books can be made by cash (exact change requested) or check (made out to MBUSD). The absolute last day to return books is the last day of school. It is MBUSD policy to withhold report cards until all library books are returned or replaced. If you have a question about your child's library record, please contact me.

The schedule for the 2013-2014 school year is as follows: