Library News: April 2014
  • Ahhh... It feels like I've been hibernating all winter! Haven't been updating the website, just burrowed into the library and curled up with all the great books! Well the sun has come out and the spring birds are chirping away! It's project time! You all know what that means, research, research, research. Here are a few research tips to get you started;
    • Know what you are looking for! What is the PURPOSE of your research?
    • Find a reliable search engine, here are a few; Google, Bing, Yahoo, KidsClick
    • Identify your KEYWORDS! KidsClick is one of the most kids friendly search engines and is a great place to start! "Keywords" are words that describe what you are looking for. Researching facts about monkeys? Try "facts" and "monkeys" in the search engine. If you are using google, yahoo, or bing, try adding "for kids" to get kid friendly websites.
      • Example: 
      • PURPOSE- find the loudest type of monkey and where they live.
      • KEYWORD #1- "monkey"
      • narrow it down even more...
      • KEYWORD #2- "loudest"
      • type in "monkey and loudest" the "and" tells the search engine you want to look for both keywords
      • Hit "go" to send your search engine on it's way to fetch your websites!
    • You are on your way! Happy hunting Riptide Researchers!
    • Make sure you check out your books and get ready for some Spring Break reading! Here are the current books on Mrs. Hydock's nightstand;
      • Jinx, by Sage Blackwood (FIC BLA)
      • Write This Book, by Pseudonymous Bosch (FIC BOS)
      • Raising Steam, by Sir Terry Pratchett
Library News: January 2014
  • Getting out of bed in the morning is getting harder and harder as the mornings get colder and colder, however Mrs. Hydock is excited to get up because a new year =new books! The shelves are overflowing with new selections. Some of Mrs. Hydock's favorites from her reading over the break;
    • Pi in the Sky, by Wendy Mass (FIC MAS)
    • The Name of this Book is Secret, by Pseudonymous Bosch (PB BOS)
    • "When Did You See Her Last?", by Lemony Snicket (FIC SNI)
  • It's award season! The lower grades have already voted for their favorite picture books for the California Young Reader Medal (CYRM). We won't know the winners until after April but the school winner is Interrupting Chicken, by David Ezra Stein. 
  • The Intermediate books to read independently are; 
    • A Nest for Celeste by Henry Cole. Katherine Tegen Books, 2010. (FIC COL)
      Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer Holm. Random House Books for Young Readers, 2010. (FIC HOL)
      The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann. Aladdin, 2011. (PB MCM)

  • A New Year means new resolutions. Mrs. Hydock wants to read over 100 chapter books... what's your resolution?
Library News: October 2013
  • The air is crisp, the weather is dropping degrees in anticipation, we all know what that means... Mrs. Hydock gets to start wearing her scarves! In non-scarf related news, the library is slowly changing too... from a graveyard of great authors (who just happen to be dead) to a new pet lurking high above the reference books. Things are looking spooky indeed!

  • With the cold air and the temperatures going down it is definitely the season to be readin'! Curl up with a good book and huddle under a comfy blanket riptides! Things on Mrs. Hydock's night stand are...
    • The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann (PB MCM)
    • The Collections of Edgar Allen Poe by Edgar Allen Poe (PB 811 POE)
    • Divergent by Veronica Roth (Not in Robinson Library)
Library News: September 2013
  •   Welcome back to school Riptides! We have a newly painted campus, some wonderful new staff members, and a lot of new students! Robinson is growing by leaps and bounds! That includes the Library!  I'm excited to get to know all our new and familiar faces during library visits and during open library times. Oh! I'm getting ahead of myself and completely forgot introductions! I am Mrs. Hydock, the new Library Media Specialist, I might not be such a new face to Robinson as I've been wearing several different hats (and sometimes wigs) around campus for some time! Some of you know me as Miss Kyra, Miss Poppler, and even though it's been two years since my husband and I tied the knot I haven't quite gotten used to being called "Mrs. Hydock" out of school!
  •  (Warning! Boring stuff up ahead...) I have a BA in Theater and a MA in Elementary Education. I was born in Long Beach, CA but was whisked away by pirates (my parents) to a remote island (Kauai)  in the middle of the Pacific Ocean at the age of 3.  There I dreamed of life across the ocean and often fantasized about such exotic things such as "shopping malls" and "interstate freeways."   Often while drifting on my surfboard in the warm clear blue sea, I would search the horizon for ships that might take me to that magical kingdom, where there was a "Magic Kingdom." Um, I read a lot too.
  • My elementary school's library (Kilauea Elementary) was in a very small trailer on campus, and it boasted 4 whole computers! So it was also air conditioned! I loved hanging out in there and perusing the small collection as often as I was allowed. We also had a book mobile that came every Tuesday and brought books from the one and only public library on the island, which was an hour's drive away in the main town of Lihue. Every now and then, if my mom had some business to do in town, like pick up surf board blanks from Nawiliwili Harbor for my dad, we would go to the big library and I would check out stacks and stacks of books, as many as my little arms could carry!
  • Some of my favorite books when I was growing up; 
    • Chronicles of Narnia Series  by C.S. Lewis (FIC LEW)
    • The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien (FIC TOL)
    • Nancy Drew series by Caroline Keene (FIC KEE)
    • Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell (FIC ODE)
    • Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (FIC ALC)
  • Enough about me! We have a new school schedule and a new library schedule! Because of the morning overlap the library will now be open early, from 7:50am -8:20am except Wednesdays, to accommodate any students who have students in both upper and lower grades. This is a quiet time, not a social time so please respect the library rules! We also will be closing at 2:45pm  also due to the schedule change. Library is open every lunch except Wednesdays for music!
  • Keep Calm and Read On Riptides!

  • The Robinson Library isn't just for students -- parents are welcome to use the services as well. Please visit the new Parent Resources section of the website to learn more about signing up for a library card or searching the library catalog.
If you have a reading-related story to share with the Robinson community, please email robinson.lib@gmail.com.

About Our Library

The Robinson Library serves the students, teachers and parents of Opal Robinson Elementary School  (Manhattan Beach Unified School District). Each class visits the library every week to check out books, hear a story, and practice library skills. During the library’s open hours, students accompanied by a parent or guardian are welcome to visit the library except during class visits. The library’s collection includes over 15,000 books, reference materials, videotapes, and art prints. The library is staffed by one part-time library media specialist, Kyra Poppler Hydock. Trained volunteers assist in the library during class visits. The library is generously supported by funding from the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation, the Robinson PTSA, the Manhattan Beach Rotary Club, and the Manhattan Beach Historical Society.

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