(One of) Rob Inskeeps Home Page(s)

Well here we are on 27/02/2006, trying out the beta for Google Page creator, it's kind of WYSIWYG and would suit people like my parents or sister, or anyone who doesn't really care about how to write and publish content, they just want to write and publish it.

First Impressions

I like it, it's simple and thus easy to use and without taxing my brain too hard I've managed to whip this page up pretty quickly. 

 Linking to other sites

The controls allow pretty simple linking to other sites such as my personal blog at http://rob-the.geek.nz/ and my family webspace at http://inskeep.net/. I particularly like the overlay when adding links which floats a window over the edited page - and providing options for the type of link as well as a link checking function - well, that's almost too usable!

I did manage to break the link adding at one point, but I think it may have been confused a little with the placement of the link in the page text.


Well - this is the big question - will the fact that the pages are hosted by Google help their relevance? Will these pages get indexted faster or more frequently? It all remains to be seen I guess...