About the Artist

Fifteen years ago, Robin Deffendall began designing eggs to decorate the family Christmas tree. The tradition began with her mother, Sallie, who created wonderful, fanciful designs out of necessity. Her new family was just starting and store-bought Christmas ornaments were a luxury they could not afford. So she used medicine cups, jar lids and other recycled materials to make her own. Among the homemade finery were a group of chicken eggs, carefully hollowed out and decorated with glitter and tiny figures made from beads and pipe cleaners.

Over 25 years these cherished family heirlooms were lost to various accidents. Finally only one egg remained. Robin decided it was time to replace the Christmas eggs. She began with a set of chicken eggs, just as her mother did before her. Then one day Sallie presented her with a challenge: two gigantic Ostrich eggs!

Over the next several years, Robin decorated those eggs, and others, always giving them away to loved ones she knew would appreciate them. Now she is ready to take her designs to the outside world. The plans for Robin’s Eggs have been laid.

So enjoy the Robin’s Eggs website. You’ll see Christmas, Easter and everyday designs, each one a work of art.

Robin will also work directly with you to develop a personalized design for your wedding day, the birth of a child or for your other special occasion.