Robin Hood 'Activators'
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Online registration is recommended for Activators (see below). Activators should be located within Robin Hood Country (map) or at another place which has well-established Robin Hood connections (any country).

Twitter is the best way to spread news about any 'activations'.Ideally, proposed activities should be posted on Twitter using hashtag #RobinHoodAward .
Twitter can be viewed without having to log in (unlike some other social media).

Activators will need to log in to make a Tweet.  Start a Tweet with  #RobinHoodRadio then a short message carrying basic information as used for online registrations.

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List of activators
Jan 2018

Callsign Name Country Location On air on . . Bands used Activator/Chaser
2E0LKC Peter
UK Cheadle nr Manchester, SJ88 / IO83vi all day most days 2m HF Activator/Chaser
2E0LMD Anne
UK Cheadle nr Manchester, SJ88 / IO83vi all day 2m HF Activator/Chaser
2E0XLG Chris UK Thornton in Craven, North Yorkshire, SD94
6pm onwards weekdays 160m to 2m Activator
G4LDD Peter UK Gisburn, Lancs. Most days 80 -17m ... cw Activator
G4ZCW Roy UK Nottingham, SK64
evenings / weekends 40/20/10 Activator/Chaser
G6EQT John UK N. Yorkshire most days 70 cms, 2m, 6m, 80-10m Activator/Chaser
G6HMN Ray UK Winewall, nr Burnley, Lancs most days 70cms and below Activator/Chaser
G7HZZ Alan UK Nottingham, SK53
various 40-12m Activator
K7RMO Rusty USA Yamhill, Sherwood OR evenings 80-2m, 70cm Activator/Chaser
M0XLT Kevin UK Gargrave, N. Yorks,  SD95
various 40-12m, 2m Activator/Chaser
M0YBX Brian UK Harby, Leicestershire, SK73
various 40-12m Activator
MX0PHX Phoenix UK Sherwood Forest & Charnwood Forest various 40-12m Activator
MX0VAR Vintage Radio Group UK Sherwood Forest & Charnwood Forest various 40m Activator
UK Gargrave, N. Yorks, SD95
various 80-6m + 2m Activator

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