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6 February

Extending the RHA?

Some 'chasers' are collecting points very quickly and outline proposals are being discussed with several participants about how the RH Award can be extended in 2018.

The Main Award will comprise eight individual award certificates based on 4 points per level (incremental). Excluding the Special Awards, that means a total of 32 contacts with RHA stations will complete the Main award. Keen 'chasers' could achieve this in a month or so if they actively hunt for RH stations.

Consideration is being given to an RH Advanced Award which will be much more challenging, requiring more points to be collected on different bands. An example, might be for a 'chaser' to collect 20 points in total but with at least 5 being on the HF bands or on the 70cm or 6m bands.

Details will be worked out once we have information on how 'chasers' are progressing with the Main Award.

2 February

The Three Musketeers

Ray G6HMN, Art G4MYU and Wally G2IF all located in N.E Lancashire have all reached the 16 points mark in the RHA, earning them the Maid Marian Award.