How the Award Works
Everyone who has a Robin Hood connection (place, family, etc) can register as an 'Activator' or simply be a 'Chaser'  without needing to register.

Robin Hood Country
The locations used for RHA activities will mostly be in Robin Hood Country, or places connected to Robin Hood.

Robin Hood Country covers a very large part of Northern England according to both the original ballads (called 'gestes') and the historical context of  anti-royal and anti-monastic dissent in the early Middle Ages. Please see the map for the area covered. There are also places with Robin Hood associations - including street and 'pub' names to townships, hills and caves - all around Britain and other parts of the world: most can qualify.

Chasers & Activators - Guidelines

'Rules' are intentionally 'loose' - this is a fun award, not a DXCC Challenge. Common sense applies, and remember that outlaws and wicked sheriffs will always bend the rules one way or another!

As a bonus, Activators operating a portable station located within Robin Hood Country during an 'activation' or Chasers making contact with a portable RHA station - e.g. MX0YHA/P - can claim double points. (Obviously Chasers located outside Robin Hood Country who operate a portable station should only claim 1 point).

Registering as a Chaser is voluntary. The aim is for 'Chasers' to contact as many different Ham Radio Stations located in Robin Hood Country as possible: (u
sually these are 'Activators' - see below).
The target for the Basic Award is a minimum of 5 points.
You may then add further points to a maximum of 15: these are added to the Certificate.  As happens with many contest rules, Chasers should aim for one contact per 'RHA Activator' callsign on each band and at the same location for each day of operation. 

Activators are advised to register
on this website. This helps to inform the 'Chasers' about RHA activities, locations,  times or bands, that may qualify for the award. Robin Hood stations located outside the British Isles should also register.  Five points are the minimum to claim the Award. You may then add further points to a maximum of 15: these are added to the Certificate.

Chasers and Activators wishing to claim more than 15 point should contact the award managers.

'Hidden' Activators ~ Men of the Woods?
Many Radio Hams in Northern England do not realise that they may be living in Robin Hood Country. Therefore, 'Chasers' may be able to identify these 'hidden' activators from their placename, WAB (National Grid) Square or other information, and thereby 'steal' a point (or two for /P operations) 'Robin Hood Style'.

The Robin Hood Award is totally self-regulated and self-service. The underlying aim is to encourage more activity on the Amateur bands, especially in Robin Hood Country. The award is based on trust. Anyone who "cheats" would be not be behaving within the spirit of the hobby, but ultimately they will only really be cheating themselves.

The Robin Hood Award is operated by the Phoenix ARC and Youth Hostels ARG and members.

To claim an Award simply download the relevant certificate and add your own name, callsign and score.

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