How the Award Works

- Main Robin Hood Awards -
  • Robin Hood Legends Award -the 'basic' award - 4 points
  • Sheriff of Nottingham Award- 8 points in total
  • Little John Award - 12 points in total
  • Maid Marian Award- 16 points in total
Additional awards will be available, each at 4 points increment .
Contacts on FM and SSB both count towards awards, even on the same band and same day.
So, one contact (normally) equals one point, and each time you add 4 QSOs/points to your total you can claim a 'higher' Award.  But, when circumstances require it, we may give 'Bonus Points' for some activities.
Please read the Notes below for information about points, etc.
Although the organised 2017-18 Season activities ended on 13 May, points for the Robin Hood Award may still be collected on an ad-hoc basis (VHF & HF contacts) until the 2018 Autumn Season of organised activities begins in September.

- Special RH Awards -
There are no current RHA Special Award activities
  • Special Activities have a variety of formats and some 'special' features; for example, operating from a well known Robin Hood location. 
  • Contacts on FM and SSB both count towards awards, even on the same band and same day.
  • Special Awards will normally run for a limited period.
  • The number of points required varies from one Special Award to another.
  • Only points gained during a Special Activity may be used for that particular Award. However, if a Special Award cannot be completed, or is not required, etc., the points may be 'rolled over' and used towards a Main Award instead.

- Guidance Notes for All Awards -
  • 'Chasers' can claim one point for a contact with any Robin Hood Award Activator at any time. This doesn't have to be an 'official' RHA event. This also means that 'Chasers' may need to actively seek out RHA Activators (check the Activators List).
  • FM & SSB contacts each count for a point. However, duplicate contacts with the same 'Activator' on the same band and mode on the same day will not count towards the award, and points can only be used once.
  • No proof of contact is required - all matters are based on trust.
  • There is no time limit on the Main Awards (Legends, Sheriff of Nottingham, etc) . There will usually be time limits placed on Special Awards.
  • The scheme is self-regulated and participants are free to set their own goals and to interpret any rules in a way that gives them a fair chance of completing the awards in their particular circumstances (e.g. in poor radio conditions).
  • Awards are only available as self-service downloads. The new certificates will be available im mid January
  • Changes to the scheme may sometimes be necessary, but will be featured on the RHA website before being implemented.
- Activators -

Activators are advised to register on this website. This helps to inform the 'Chasers' about RHA activities, locations,  times or bands, that may qualify for the award. Robin Hood stations located outside the British Isles should also register.

Activators Awards are being redesigned and will be available in mid 2018. Activators may also have Special Awards created for their individual planned activations.

- Footnotes -

Robin Hood Country

The locations used for RHA activities will mostly be in Robin Hood Country, or places connected to Robin Hood.

Robin Hood Country covers a very large part of Northern England according to both the original ballads (called 'gestes') and the historical context of  anti-royal and anti-monastic dissent in the early Middle Ages. Please see the map for the area covered. There are also places with Robin Hood associations - including street and 'pub' names to townships, hills and caves - all around Britain and other parts of the world: most can qualify.

he Robin Hood Award is totally self-regulated and self-service. The underlying aim is to encourage more activity on the Amateur bands, especially in Robin Hood Country. The award is based on trust. Anyone who "cheats" would be not be behaving within the spirit of the hobby, but ultimately they will only really be cheating themselves.

'Rules' are intentionally 'loose' - this is a fun award, not a DXCC Challenge. Common sense applies, and remember that outlaws and wicked sheriffs will always bend the rules one way or another! The Robin Hood Award is operated by the Phoenix ARC and Aries ARC and supporters.

To claim an Award simply download the relevant certificate and add your own name, callsign, etc.

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