Printing Award Certificates


Phoenix ARC and YHARG who sponsor the Robin Hood Award have pioneered a new way to bring QSL cards and Awards into the 21st Century with self-service -  EeZee QSLs & Certificates.

The following guidance explains how to download and print them.
You will need to add your details to the certificate, either before or after printing it.

The awards can be printed straight from the website by clicking the image and selecting print page, etc.  But you may have your own way to do this.

Alternatively, the images can be downloaded for re-sizing, and so forth.
To download a certificate either right click on the image and 'Save Link' (etc), or open the image to full size and then 'Save As'.

Printers can be a pain!

Printers and computer print/graphic applications usually have automatic features which make the task of printing easy (but not always). If you do have major difficulties getting a good print at the right size send an email and we will post additional images at a variety of resolutions. But it isn't possible for us to give individual advice on how to set up printers or software, or to help with other IT issues.

Suggested resolutions

    • Initially at least, the Robin Hood Certificate will be available at an image size of c.2400 x 1800px
    • If printed at 300 dpi this will give a print that is just under A4 size.
    • Please be aware that re-sizing and re-scaling images satisfactorily often depends on several factors, and there could be complications (e.g. resolution and printer software & drivers) which may affect how images print.
    • For best results use good quality glossy or semi-glossy paper, preferably 80gsm or heavier.
    • If you cannot satisfactorily print at a smaller size contact us.