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Welcome to the Robin Hood Award

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Details of the 2018 Autumn VHF Season will be published in September.

Stories and legends about Robin Hood are popular around the world, especially the USA and in Europe, so this award offers an opportunity for Radio Amateurs to share their interest in these tales - and the "real"  history - on air.

The Robin Hood Award is an 'self-service award' for Radio Amateurs who make radio contacts into, or out of,  Robin Hood Country' in Northern England. 
All Radio Amateurs can participate, and the award is totally self-regulated by participants.

The Award has two categories: 'Chasers' and 'Activators'.  The award is free and the rules are not complicated.  New award levels were added in January 2018 response to demand, and include Special Awards which will be offered periodically.

Just 4 con
tacts are needed to claim the first main awards - more details > here <.

Robin Hood Country covers a very large part of Northern England according to both the original ballads (called 'gestes') and the historical context of  anti-royal and anti-monastic dissent in the early Middle Ages.

Please see the map (here) for the area covered. There are also places with Robin Hood associations
- including street and 'pub' names to townships, hills and caves - all around Britain and other parts of the world: most can qualify.

The rules are quite simple - mainly common sense applies.

Chasers' Certificates - Examples

There is also a single EeZee QSL for people who do not wish to aim for the Awards, but who would like a QSL card.

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