Robin Hill Ranger

Welcome to Robin Hill!  We are a small JRTCA registered kennel that is nestled in the Skylands region of New Jersey.  We have been active in Jack Russells since 1993 and believe in having working dogs that show and show dogs that work.  We have always believed that the Jack Russell terrier is the versatile terrier it is because of its working ability.  At Robin Hill we are serious about keeping this breed a working terrier, but also a well-rounded terrier, that can compete in many venues.  We believe you can have the whole package, terriers with hunt drive, correct conformation and excellent temperaments, terriers at ease in the field, competitive at the shows, or on the couch with their beloved humans.


We believe in breeding for quality, not quantity.  Breedings are done on a very limited basis with careful consideration for temperament, working ability, correct conformation, and bloodlines.  Our puppies are home raised and guaranteed for health and temperament.  We want you to be as happy with your Jack Russell as we are with ours.


Our terriers live in our home, as this breed thrives with human companionship, and quite frankly, we enjoy them as much as they enjoy us.


Our breeding stock comes from some of the top JRT breeders in the USA and are BAER (hearing) tested normal and CERF (eye) tested annually, all of our terriers are PLL DNA tested normal or PLL normal as a result of their parents testing normal.  Also our terriers have been tested for SCA.  As new DNA testing for other genetic diseases come on board, we are committed to getting the testing done on all of our terriers and posting the results regardless of outcome.  They are registered with the JRTCA (Jack Russell Terrier Club of America) and we adhere to the JRTCA Breeders Code of Ethics.


To learn more about the breed we strongly suggest a visit to the JRTCA website, do your homework before committing to any breed:
We support the NWTF and its objectives: