Estate Planning and Probate

for individuals and law firms

Estate planning is an essential part of your preparation for the future - and is not just for the wealthy.  Estate Planning can serve many different purposes for different families: to minimize estate taxes; to avoid the delay of the probate process; to name guardians for minor children; and to ensure that your assets are distributed as you intend, rather than as dictated by the MA laws and a judge in the probate court.

I work with clients on both basic and complex estate plans, from Wills to all types of Trusts.  My philosophy is to communicate in a way that the lay-person can easily understand, and to make my clients feel comfortable with the process and the ultimate documents.

I also work with clients on estate administration after the death of a loved one - helping to navigate the legal process including probate, trust administration, estate taxes.

My goal is for you to become educated, to gain information about the typical documents and the primary areas you should focus on in getting your estate plan in order, and to start you on the process of making your own personal decisions, ultimately giving you the peace of mind in having the right documents in place.

Robin Gorenberg, Esq.

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