I come from a family tradition in the fine arts that spans 60 years. My mother, Nancy Chappell, was a prolific and influential artist designing art couture in the San Francisco Bay Area, and my father, Walter Chappell, was a prominent black and white art photographer in North America. Both modeled a deep respect for the creation and protection of master works in their respective disciplines. The ritual surrounding the design studio, the darkroom, gallery openings, and art publications permeated my childhood and left an indelible impression on my understanding of art and the world in which it is created.

Though I started with photography in 1989, mostly black and white using a Minolta X700, I was also engaged in the scholarly pursuits of French, poetry, and music. Photography was not a casual pursuit, but nor was it my intention to produce imagery as a career. In 2007 I crossed over from the skills I was acquiring in photography to the compositional elements of graphic design to start a small business in graphic arts. I started freelancing for private clients to create business cards, product labels, event posters, and small business websites. I continue to maintain client accounts for graphic arts, but photography for the sake of art, remains at the core of my ambition.

Collecting images will be a life-long labor of love. Collecting light will be the energetic equivalent that informs my vision. I do not create to shock or to inspire. I create for the love of my parents and for the love of life itself.