Robin Aguilée
+33 (0)5 61 55 64 39

Maître de Conférences (Assistant Professor)
Toulouse, France


My work is about ecological and evolutionary processes involved in diversification and adaptation. I focus on spatially structured populations, and on how changes of the spatial structure affect these processes. I aim at modeling the ecological and evolutionary processes over large time scales in order to better understand biodiversity patterns and dynamics. I mainly use theoretical models with various methods (e.g. quantitative genetics, adaptive dynamics, individual-based simulations). Specific projects I'm currently working on are for example:
  • How do archipelago dynamics (island ontogeny and sea level fluctuations) influence the dynamics of immigration, speciation and extinction, and how do these dynamics shape island biodiversity patterns?
  • How does the evolution of specialization during adaptive radiation shape macroevolutionary dyanmics?
  • Which responses to climate change are expected under non-random dispersal in a fragmented landscape? (PhD project of Félix Pellerin)

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I dedicate half of my time to teaching:
  • Evolutionary ecology (bachelor and master)
  • Populations genetics (bachelor and master)
  • Populations dynamics (master)
  • Quantitative genetics (master)
  • Mathematical tools for evolutionary ecology (master)
  • Ornithology (bachelor)

Last update: July 2019.