Guralnick Lab - People Past and Present
People in the Guralnick Lab. 

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The folks in the Guralnick lab include:

Postdoctoral Research Associates (UF and CU)

Undergraduates researchers

PhD Students in EBIO Dept., CU Boulder

Masters students in the Museum and Field Studies Program

Programmers and Developers

Professional Research Associates:
Hannah Owens (NSF PostDoc May 2015-present)
Ryan Folk (NSF PostDoc August 2015-present)
Brian Stucky (UFII Postdoc and NSF PostDoc January 2015-present)
Narayani Barve (Sept. 2015-present)
Vijay Barve (Sept. 2015-present)
Stephen Mayor (Sept. 2013-present)
Chris Ray (June 2014-Dec. 2014, VertNet programmer)
Javier Otegui (Sept. 1 2012-present)
Eric Waltari (co-advisor with Susan Perkins, AMNH, 2005-2007)
Jennifer Ramp (2005-2006, co-advised with Tom Ranker)
Tamara Anderson (2004-Feb. 2006)
PhD and Masters Students:
Gaurav Vaidya (current PhD) - Bioinformatics and biodiversity, global change.
Laura Brenskelle (current PhD) - Biodiversity Informatics (Fall 2016-)
Chandra Early (Spring 2016-) - Bioinformatics, molecular evolution, and butterfly biology.
Nate Kleist (PhD, co-advised with Alex Cruz) - Avian biology, anthropogenic effects,
especially noise, on physiology and community ecology 
Kathleen Weaver (PhD, grad. '06) - Land snail biogeography, systematics
Jonathan Krieger (PhD, grad. '06) - Morphometrics, fern leaf evolution
David Daitch (PhD, grad. '08) - Evolution of tooth shape in mammals

Heidi Schutz (PhD, grad. '08) - Comparative sex shape and size dimorphism in mammals,

Peter Erb (Masters, grad '12) - Mammal surveying, landscape ecology, citizen science. Andrew Hill (Masters '08, PhD 2012) - Bioinformatics, data visualization, biodiversity.
Liesl Peterson-Erb
(PhD 2013) - Global change biology, mammal surveying.
Natalie Robinson (PhD 2014, co-advised with Deane Bowers) - spatial ecology
of insects, global change biology.
Robert Jadin (PhD 2013) - Snake evolution, systematics, and morphometrics
Masters, Musuem and Field Studies Program (Boulder): 
Dolly Crawford - Shrew character displacement (graduated '02) 
Allison Smith - Image type databases (graduated '03)

Erin King - Howler monkey vocalization (graduated '05)
Ian Cunningham - Agouti morphometrics (graduated '05)
Mardy Nelson - Colorado mollusc field guide (graduated '06) Lauren Golten - Bat acoustics (graduated '07) Katie Bowell - Cultural artifacts in zoos (graduated '08) Melissa Reed-Eckert - Wildlife ecology and conservation (graduated '10)
Heather Robeson - Biodiversity databases (graduated '11)

Aly Seeberger - Citizen science and volunteer motivation (graduated '13)
Informatics Team:
Raphael La France (current, UF) -Map of Life and Notes from Nature developer Philip Goldstein - Lead developer, data modeling, systems engineering,
Distributed database design ('07-'15)
David Neufeld ('02-'07) - Developer, online mapping expert, Java
Recent undergraduate researchers
Justine Smith, Aaron Stecker, Elizabeth Studer,
Julie Byle, Rebecca Pederson, Helena De Souza Brasil