Guralnick Lab - People Past and Present
People in the Guralnick Lab. 

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The folks in the Guralnick lab include:

Postdoctoral Research Associates (UF and CU)

Undergraduates researchers

PhD Students in EBIO Dept., CU Boulder

PhD Students in UF Genomics, Genetics and Biology, Univ. Florida

Masters students in the CU Boulder Museum and Field Studies Program

Programmers and Developers

Professional Research Associates:
Jess Oswald (split with D. Steadman and D. Blackburn, Sept 2016-pres.)
Bryan McLean(August 1, 2017-present)
Michelle LeFebvre (August 1, 2017-present)
Julie Allen (NSF May 1, 2016-present)
Hannah Owens (NSF PostDoc May 2015-present)
Ryan Folk (NSF PostDoc August 2015-2017)
Brian Stucky (UFII Postdoc and NSF PostDoc January 2015-present)
Narayani Barve (Sept. 2015-present)
Vijay Barve (Sept. 2015-present)
Chris Ray (June 2014-Dec. 2014, VertNet programmer)
Javier Otegui (Sept. 1 2012-present)
Eric Waltari (co-advisor with Susan Perkins, AMNH, 2005-2007)
Jennifer Ramp (2005-2006, co-advised with Tom Ranker)
Tamara Anderson (2004-Feb. 2006)
PhD and Masters Students:
Gaurav Vaidya (current PhD) - Bioinformatics and biodiversity, global change.
Laura Brenskelle (current PhD) - Biodiversity Informatics (Fall 2016-)
Chandra Earl (Spring 2016-, Co-advised with Akito Kawahara) - Bioinformatics, molecular evolution, and butterfly biology.
Luis Soto (co-advised with Colette St.-Mary) - Conservation Paleobiology (Fall 2016-)
Nate Kleist (PhD, co-advised with Alex Cruz) - Avian biology, anthropogenic effects,
especially noise, on physiology and community ecology 
Kathleen Weaver (PhD, grad. '06) - Land snail biogeography, systematics
Jonathan Krieger (PhD, grad. '06) - Morphometrics, fern leaf evolution
David Daitch (PhD, grad. '08) - Evolution of tooth shape in mammals

Heidi Schutz (PhD, grad. '08) - Comparative sex shape and size dimorphism in mammals,

Peter Erb (Masters, grad '12) - Mammal surveying, landscape ecology, citizen science. Andrew Hill (Masters '08, PhD 2012) - Bioinformatics, data visualization, biodiversity.
Liesl Peterson-Erb
(PhD 2013) - Global change biology, mammal surveying.
Natalie Robinson (PhD 2014, co-advised with Deane Bowers) - spatial ecology
of insects, global change biology.
Robert Jadin (PhD 2013) - Snake evolution, systematics, and morphometrics
Masters, Musuem and Field Studies Program (Boulder): 
Dolly Crawford - Shrew character displacement (graduated '02) 
Allison Smith - Image type databases (graduated '03)

Erin King - Howler monkey vocalization (graduated '05)
Ian Cunningham - Agouti morphometrics (graduated '05)
Mardy Nelson - Colorado mollusc field guide (graduated '06) Lauren Golten - Bat acoustics (graduated '07) Katie Bowell - Cultural artifacts in zoos (graduated '08) Melissa Reed-Eckert - Wildlife ecology and conservation (graduated '10)
Heather Robeson - Biodiversity databases (graduated '11)

Aly Seeberger - Citizen science and volunteer motivation (graduated '13)
Informatics Team:
Raphael La France (current, UF) -Map of Life and Notes from Nature developer Philip Goldstein - Lead developer, data modeling, systems engineering,
Distributed database design ('07-'15)
David Neufeld ('02-'07) - Developer, online mapping expert, Java
Recent Past CU Boulder undergraduate researchers
Justine Smith, Aaron Stecker, Elizabeth Studer,
Julie Byle, Rebecca Pederson, Helena De Souza Brasil
UF undergraduate researchers: 
Ashley Sanchez, Ian Cooney, Minji Ku, Josh Gil