Guralnick Lab - Software and Informatics
Web-based software and informatics work - background and sites




  Our lab develops software tools, often as part of collaborative projects. The goal of
these projects is to provide online tools for ecologists, evolutionists
, wildlife manager
and others concerned
conservationists to explore and understand biodiversity
across the globe and to assess its change over space and time. We do this by
linking distributed biodiversity databases to online geospatial applications and to
global environmental and geographic data. We develop open source software and

all code is available on public repositories.
 Tools for Georeferencing the world's legacy biodiversity data:
 - The Biogeomancer Project ( ('04-'07)
[Funding from the Moore Foundation; Lead Colorado developer: David Neufeld; Other developers: Gregory Hill
 - Automated Georeferencing of GBIF Mediated Data Records ('08-present, with Univ. of Florida, Univ. of Kansas,
Australia Museum)
[Funding from GBIF; Lead Colorado developer: Andrew Hill]

Tools for examining microbial diversity and function at high elevations:
- The Alpine Microbial Observatory - - check out the sequence database
 [Funding from NSF. Developers: David Neufeld, Philip Goldstein, Leigh Anne McConnaughey]

Tools for exploring the origin, spread and genome changes in viral pathogens:

- workflow for monitoring disease evolution and spread:

[Funding from NSF; Developer: Andrew Hill]
Tools for exploring ocean biodiversity:
- The USA node of the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS-USA). Operational site here.
[Funding from NBII; Lead Developer: Philip Goldstein]
Data and tools for exploring grasshopper response to climatic change: (NSF Gordon Alexander Project):
- and
 (Nufio, Bowers, Goldstein,and Guralnick)
Tools for Browsing Phylogenies:
Phylobox (, a phylogeny viewer built for native use in HTML5 Web
browesers (NSF funded; Andrew Hill and Sander Pick, leads)
Data and tools for exploring global species distributions: 
-   Map of Life website (,  code development, (
and blog (   (NSF funded. Andrew Hill, Aaron Steele, Dan Rossauer,
John Wieczorek lead developers)
Tools for Linking Together Biological Data:
-  Biological Science Collections Tracker (BiSciCol) blog ( and code base
( (NSF funded.  Lead PI Nico Cellenese at Florida, John Deck at
 Berkeley and Brian Stucky at CU Bouder, code developers)
A Community Data Publication System for Vertebrate Collections:
- VertNet ( and VN codebase (
(NSF funded collaboration bet. UC Berkeley, CU Boulder, KU, and Tulane)