Curriculum Vita (minor updates June 2015)

Dr. Robert Penn Guralnick        


Current Position

Associate Curator of Biodiversity Informatics, 
Department of Natural History and the Florida Museum of Natural History
Winter 2015-present.  
Office:  358 Dickinson Hall
Labs:: 359, 288-289 Dickinson Hall.
Gainesville, FL 32611

Professional Preparation

-  University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.  Bachelor of Arts with high honors, 1992
-  Ph.D. Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley, Fall 1999 
    Major Advisor:  David Lindberg
-  Post-doctoral Student, Univ. of California Museum of Paleontology, Fall 1999-Summer   
-  Assistant Professor and Curator of Invertebrates Fall 2000- Spring 2007
-  Associate Professor Summer 2007-2014, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Dept.
-  Curator of Zoology, Invertebrates, University of Colorado Museum of Natural History


2017    PI (split with Hannah Owens).  BridgeTree: A Toolbox to Mobilize Big Biodiversity Data to Understand and Communicate Pattern and Process. (~45K from UF Informatics Institute and UF Biodiversity Institute, 1 year, start date March 15, 2016).

Co-PI (lead PI Doug Soltis).  Integrative resources for trait-based evolutionary synthesis: Uncovering hidden enablers of nitrogen fixation in a major clade of flowering plants. (~40K from UF Informatics Institute and UF Biodiversity Institute, 1 year, start date January 15, 2016).

Co-PI (lead PI Doug Soltis).  Using the Tree of Life to Develop Novel Approaches for Public Engagement in Science.  (~65K from UF Research Opportunity Seed Funding, start date: June 1, 2016).

Co-PI.  Awarded.  Collaborative Research: Documenting Turkey Husbandry and Domestication in Ancient Mesoamerica. (NSF Archaeology program, $158K to Univ. Florida, $330K total, start date 7/1/17). 

Senior Personnel.  Awarded.  Collaborative Proposal: MSB-FRA: Causes, consequences, and cross-scale linkages of climate-driven phenological mismatch across three trophic levels.  NSF Macrosystems, $183K to UF, $2.6 million total, start date 08/15/2017.

Senior Personnel.  Awarded.  RCN-UBE: Biodiversity Literacy in Undergraduate Education - Data Initiative (BLUE Data).  Lead PI Anna Monfills.  NSF RCN-UBE.  $500K total. 

Co-Investigator.  Awarded. Software workflows and tools for integrating remote sensing and organismal occurrence data streams to assess and monitor biodiversity change.  NASA AIST.  $56,672 to UF, start date 09/1/2017.

Co-Investigator.  In Process. Activities to advance, build, and deliver remote-sensing supported species distribution and species abundance EBVs.  NASA GEO.  $600K total, $59,925 to UF, start date 09/20/17.

Co-PI. Awarded Phylogenomic discovery and engineering of nitrogen fixation into the bioenergy woody crop poplar.  DOE Plant systems design for bioenergy program.  ~7.3 million  total, 4.3 million to UF, start date 09/20/2018.

Co-PI. Pending.  Collaborative Proposal: Origins and impacts of nitrogen-fixing symbioses in a major clade of flowering plants.  NSF DEB Systematics and Biodiversity program.
Collaborative PI.  Pending.  ABI Development: MOL-SDM: Infrastructure for the model-based and collaborative development and use of next-generation species distribution information.  NSF Advances in Biological Informatics, $435,535 to UF, start date 9/01/17.

Collaborative PI.  Pending. ABI Innovation: FuTRES, an Ontology-Based Functional Trait Resource for Paleo- and Neo-biologists.  NSF Advances in Biological Informatics, $286,504 to UF, start date 9/01/17.

Co-PI. Pending. ABI Development: A Global Plant Phenology Knowledge Base and Software for Semantic Trait Data. NSF ABI, $881,157, Start date: January 1, 2019

Co-PI.  Pending. ABI Development: aTRAM: Novel Tools for Enabling Community Mining and Fast Assembly of Genomic Datasets.  NSF ABI, $592,586, start date:  January 1, 2019. 

2016 PI (split with Julie Allen).  Next Generation Bioinformatics —Tools for rapid mining and assembly from genomic repositories (~50K from UFGI, 1 year, start date November 1, 2016).

PI (split with PI Kitty Emery).  Creating ZooarchNet as an Archaeoinformatics Platform to Mobilize Archaelogical Animal Biodiversity Data.  (UF Informatics Institute seed grant and UF ROF seed grant, UF budget $75K ($49K from UFII, $25K from UF), 2 years, start date June 1, 2016).

PI.  Developing the Plant Phenology Ontology.  (USGS cooperative agreement, $30,000 to Univ. Florida, start date 7/15/16).  

PI.  Monadenia terrestrial snail genetics and taxonomy.  (BLM cooperative agreement, $47,000 to Univ. Florida with support to $100K, start date 7/1/16). 

2015      Co-PI.  Collaborative Research: ButterflyNet--an integrative framework for comparative biology.  (NSF GoLife competition.  $1.25 million to Univ. Florida, 2.5mil total, start date 01/01/16).
Lead PI. Collaborative Research: ABI DEVELOPMENT: Notes from Nature: Advancing a Next Generation Citizen Science Platform For Biocollection Transcription. (NSF ABI program, $594,428 to U. Florida, 3 years, start date 3/1/2015)
Collaborative PI, Pending.  Collaborative Research: Bilateral BBSRC NSF/BIO: ABI Development: An Online Workbench for Integrating, Visualizing and Analyzing Phylogenies, Range Distributions and Traits.  (NSF ABI, UF budget, $152,074, 3 years, start date:  April 2016). .

Co-PI, Pending.  Collaborative Proposal: ABI Innovation: CreatureFeatures: a toolkit for aggregating and annotating trait data (NSF ABI, UF Budget $370,320, 3 years, Start date: April 2016).

Collaborative PI, Pending.  Collaborative Research: DIGITIZATION TCN: Northern range limit dynamics of beetles and host plants across the Great Lakes floristic tension zone.  (NSF ADBC, UF Budget 113K, 4 years, start date: July 1, 2016).

Co-PI, Pending.  Mobilizing Archaeology Data Through VertNet.  (Google Research Grant, $51,754 to UF, no ICR, 1 year, start date Jan. 1).

2014    Collaborative PI. Collaborative Research: VertLife Terrestrial: A complete global assembly of phylogenetic, trait, spatial and environment characteristics for a model clade. (NSF GoLife Program, $179,986 to U. Florida, ~2.5 million dollar budget, 4 years, start date 10/1/2014)

Collaborative PI. Collaborative Research: ABI Development: Advancing Map of Life's Impact and Capacity for Sharing, Integrating, and Using Global Spatial Biodiversity Knowledge (NSF Adavnces in Biological Informatics $577,000 to CU Boulder, ~1.5 million dollar budget total, 4 years, start date 3/1/2014)

2013    Co-PI.  Year 6 OBIS-USA(Ocean Biogeographic Information System – USA node) (PI Philip Goldstein, USGS NBII, $144,000 budget, 17.5% ICR under a CESU, 1 year, start date Dec. 1, 2013)

Co-PI.  Google Earth Engine driven biodiversity change and conservation analysis in Map of Life.  Google Earth Engine Research Awards Program.  
(PI Walter Jetz, Total amount: $120K total, $15K to CU Boulder, no ICR (gift), start date early 2014)

2012    Colorado PI.  Dimensions US-BIOTA-Sao Paulo: Assembly and evolution of the Amazonian biota and its environment: an integrated approach.  (NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity, ~2 million total US budget, $211K to CU Boulder, full ICR, start date September 2012).

Co-PI.  Year 5 OBIS-USA(Ocean Biogeographic Information System – USA node) (PI Philip Goldstein, USGS NBII, $304,000 budget, 17.5% ICR under a CESU, 1 year, start date Sept. 1, 2012)

Co-PI.  Using Google Earth Engine to map global biodiversity and predict biological impacts and risks from climate change.  (PI Walter Jetz.  Total amount: $75K, $30K to CU Boulder, no ICR, start date Spring 2013)

2011     Co-Investigator.  Integrating global species distributions, remote sensing information and climate station data to assess recent biodiversity response to climate change.  (NASA Climate and Biological Response: Research and Applications program, $1.67mil total budget, ~188K to CU Boulder, full ICR, Start date July 2011)

Colorado PI.   ABI Development: Collaborative Research: VertNet, a New Model for Biodiversity Networks.   (NSF Advances in Biological Informatics program, $2.4 mil. Total budget, $310K to CU Boulder, full ICR, start date June 2011)

Co-PI.   Year 4 Development of data and applications for the national marine theme of NBII (OBIS-USA) (PI Philip Goldstein, USGS NBII, $288,000 budget, 17.5% ICR under a CESU, 1 year, start date Sept. 1, 2011)

CO-PI.  MRI: Acquisition of a Scalable Petascale Storage Infrastructure for Data-Collections and Data-Intensive Discovery.  (PI Thomas Hauser, NSF MRI, $699,945, full ICR; start date: Sept. 1, 2011)

PI.  GBIF White Paper for enhancing 'fitness-for-use' of primary biodiversity data.  (Co-PI Andrew Hill, $7200 contract, no ICR).

PI.    Dissertation Research: Climatic constraints on American pika distribution and abundance.  (NSF DDIG grant, Co-PI Liesl Peterson, no ICR, target start data 5/1/10, $14,973, no ICR).

Colorado PI.  Collaborative Research:  Map of Life: An infrastructure for integrating global species distribution knowledge.   (NSF Advances  in Biological Informatics program, ~1 million dollar budget with Yale University as lead institution, $459K to University of Colorado, 3 years, full ICR, start date:  July 1, 2010).

Co-PI.   Year 3 Development of data and applications for the national marine theme of NBII (OBIS-USA) (PI Philip Goldstein, USGS NBII, $240K budget, 17.5% ICR under a CESU, 1 year, start date Sept. 1, 2010)

Colorado PI.  Collaborative Research:  BiSciCol toolkit:  Towards a tagging and tracking infrastructure for biodiversity science collections.  (NSF Biological Research Collections grant, $1.8 million total budget, $210,000 to CU Boulder, full ICR,  start date, Oct. 1, 2009)

PI.  Kit fox (Vulpes macrotis) monitoring within the State of Colorado.  (Bureau of Land Management, $10,000 total budget to CU Boulder, Co-PI Melissa Reed-Eckert,  26% ICR,  start date Sept. 1, 2010)

PI.   Determination of Species Status of Terrestrial Slugs, Deroceras. (Barry Roth Co-Investigator, Bureau of Land Management, $15,000 total budget ICR TBD, target start date Dec. 1, 2010)

2009 Co-Investigator. BioSynC working group: Integrating and refining the global knowledgebase of species distributions – data, tools, applications. (Co-Investigator with Walter Jetz (UCSD), Encyclopedia of Life/BioSynC working group, no indirect cost returns (ICR), 2 years, travel budget for 1-3 meetings, total budget to not exceed $60K)

PI. CU Boulder Outreach Grant for Evolution: Here and Now: a Traveling Exhibition from the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History. ($4800 for 2009-2010).

PI. Year 2 continued development of the data component for the national marine theme of NBII (OBIS-USA) (Co-PI Philip Goldstein, USGS NBII, $215,000 budget, 17.5% ICR under a CESU, 1 year, start date 8/15/08)

PI. An informatics approach for near real-time monitoring of evolutionary trends in biological systems. (NSF EAGER to Advances in Biological Informatics program, $75,763 budget, 1 year, full ICR, target start date: September 1, 2009).

Co-Investigator. Integrating datasets to investigate megafauna extinctions in the Late Quaternary. With Jessica Metcalf (lead) and Alan Cooper at University of Adelaide. NESCent working group, no indirect cost returns, 2 years, travel budget for 3 meetings.

Co-Investigator. Choosing (and making available) the right environmental layers for modeling how the environment controls the distribution and abundance of organisms. With Brian McGill (Lead, U. Arizona), Walter Jetz (Yale Univ.), Jana McPherson (Dalhousie Univ). NCEAS working group, no indirect cost returns, 2 years, travel budget for 3 meetings (total budget not to exceed $101,400).

2008 PI. Testing climate-related models of range contraction for the American pika. (12 month National Geographic Research and Exploration grant, $25,462, no ICR, Co-PIs Chris Ray and Liesl Peterson, start date: 8/1/2008, National press coverage).

PI. Furthering the development of the data component for the national marine theme of NBII (OBIS-USA) (Co-PI Philip Goldstein, USGS NBII, $150,000 budget, 17.5% ICR under a CESU, 1 year, start date 7/01/08).

Colorado PI and Co-PI. A system for increasing the georeferencing quantity and quality of all GBIF-mediated occurrence records. (18 month GBIF contract, Reed Beaman, PI; Co-PI’s Aimee Stewart, Paul Flemons, Andrew Hill; $67,914 total with 5% ICR, $35,127 for CU Boulder).

2007 Co-PI : A multi-species study of grasshopper phenology, distribution and body size responses to climate changes in the Front Range of Colorado (PI Nufio, Co-PI Bowers; NSF Ecology $292K budget, full ICR, 3 years guaranteed plus $100K, full ICR, years 4 and 5 likely; start date: 9/01/07)

Co-Investigator: Information System (OBIS) to Support the Census of Marine Life (CoML) (PI John Kineman, USGS, $30K budget, 17.5% ICR, 6 months, 7/01/07-12/31/07)

2006 Co-PI: Spatial Analysis and Modeling Plug-in Services Development for the New GBIF Portal (9 month GBIF contract; David Neufeld, PI; Robert Guralnick, Co-PI; ~$25,000 with 15% ICR)

Colorado PI: A Field Guide of Freswater Molluscs of Colorado (9 month CDOW contract, Mardy Nelson Co-PI, $12,600, 10% ICR).

2005 Colorado PI: Global Biodiversity Information Facility Mapping and Portal Application (GBIF MAPA) (9 month GBIF Demonstration Project, total amount $100K, collaboration with Australia Museum and Univ. of New South Wales. CU Amount $35K, ICR 15%)

Colorado PI: The HerpNET Community Informatics Project: Development of a Distributed Information Network of North American Herpetological Databases (HerpNET) (NSF BDI, CU contract is for $17,663 with full 47.4% ICR)

Co-PI: The Alpine Microbial Observatory: Changes in microbial community composition across extreme environmental gradients (NSF Microbial Observatory, Steve Schmidt PI, Andrew Martin Co-PI, Jason Neff Co-PI, 5 yrs. @ ~$1.75 million, Full ICR – approx. 400K for Bioinformatics)

PI Student Travel Grants for the 2005 meeting of the Taxonomic Data Working Group and associated workshops, Saint Petersburg, Russia, September 11-18, 2005. NSF BDI ($29,673; Full ICR for PI travel, no ICR for student travel).

Co-PI: Web Feature Service Integration into the DiGIR portal software. (Global Biodiversity Information Facility, Dave Neufeld, PI, $10,500; 15% ICR)

Co-Investigator and Colorado PI: Collaborative Research: Novel Analytical and Empirical Approaches to the Origin and Prediction of Pathogenicity. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Total budget:$2.89 million. CU amount: $97,500+shared postdoctoral position. (AMNH, Ohio State, University of Colorado partners; Full ICR, amended to $97,500 July 2006).

Co-Investigator and Colorado PI: Arizona Natural Heritage Program Proposal – Conservation genetics of the endangered land snail, Sonorella, in Arizona. Collaborative Proposal with Phil Hedrick, ASU. Total amount: $62,000. CU amount: $61,000; No ICR).

2004 Co-PI Curation and Databasing of the Gordon Alexander Orthoptera Collection at the University of Colorado. Award Amount. NSF BRC ($202,000; Full ICR)

Co-Investigator Collaborative Research: Biogeomancer. Moore Foundation Eco-Intelligence program (Collaborative Research Project with U. C. Berkeley, Yale University, Tulane University, University of New Mexico, University of Kansas, etc.: Budget total: $1.6 million, amount as PI: $126,000; 12.5% ICR).

PI Student Travel Grants for the 2004 meeting of the Taxonomic Data Working Group and associated workshops, Christ Church, NZ, October 10-17, 2004. NSF BDI ($25,200; No ICR).

PI A Study to examine endemism and population relationships of the Black Hills Oreohelix snails. South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Park. ($39,626; No ICR)

PI National Geographic Society Research/Exploration Grant: Historical biogeography and evolution of talus-slope endemicity in the Western United States land-snail Oreohelix. ($12,500; No ICR)

PI NSF DDIG: Dissertation Research: The Evolution of Developmental Modules and Lability of Leaf Form in the Fern Genus Pleopeltis [Polypodiaceae] (Co-PI’s Jon Krieger, Tom Ranker) ($8500; No ICR)

2003 Co-PI Collaborative Research: Linked Databases and Interactive Key for the Vascular Flora of Colorado. NSF Biological Research Collections ($450,000 total; $69,000 for University of Colorado; Full ICR)

PI Montane Mollusc and Crayfish Survey. Colorado Department of Natural Resources ($107,000; 10% ICR)

2002 University of Colorado Junior Faculty Research Development Grant ($5000; No ICR)

2001 PI NSF BDI Mountain and Plains Spatio-temporal Database Initiative ($620,000; Full ICR). 2001-2005.

Mollusk Curation Grant ($7000; No ICR, Division of Wildlife). 2001-2002.

1997 NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant ($4500)

Smithsonian Short-Term Visitors Grant ($1500) 

Sholarships and fellowships

1998 Dorothy Palmer Award for Research Excellence in Invertebrate Paleontology ($3000)
1995 Hawaiian Malacological Society Student Scholarship, 1995 ($300)
1995 Best Student Paper Award, American Malacological Union Meeting ($250)
1994 Complex Systems Summer School 1994, Selected Participant
1993 NSF Predoctoral Fellowship (from 1993-1998, $14,000/yr + tuition)

Professional presentations

Invited talk and panel, on crowdsourcing Visual Resources Association 33rd Annual Meeting, Denver CO, March 13, 2015. 

Talks (2) (one lead-presented and another lead-authored) at SPNHC 30th Annual Meeting, Gainesville, FL. May 20th, 2015.

Invited symposium talk, JRS Spring Symposium, Dar Es Salaam, Africa, June 4th, 2015.

Invited symposium presentation, University of Florida Gainesville, January 29th, 

Keynote talk, Univ. of Wyoming Program in Ecology Graduate Student Symposium, Feb. 21, 2014

Brown bag presentation on citizen science, NEON Offices, Boulder CO Feb. 24th, 2014

Lightening talk, New Haven iDigBio workshop on Source Materials, March 10-12, 2014

Invited Speaker, Collections for the 21st Century Symposium, Gainesville, FL 5-6 May 2014.

Symposium talks (3), TDWG meeting Jönköping Sweden.  1 lead presented, 2 co-authored (with R. Walls (2), J. Deck and J. Wieczorek), 

Invited colloquium presentation, University of Florida Biology Dept., Gainesville, December 14, 2014

Invited symposium presentation, Conservation Paleontology and Biogeography session, International Biogeography Society meeting, Miami, Jan. 9th-12th.

Invited presentation at Joint Indo-US Workshop on Biodiversity Informatics, January 19-20, Bangalore, India

Invited colloquium , University of Northern Colorado, March 15, 2013

Invited colloquium presentations (3), Biodiversity Information Standards meeting, Florence, Italy, Oct. 26-Nov.1, 2013

Invited colloquium, University of Colorado at Denver, March 9, 2012, Denver, CO.

Invited keynote presentation, Eighth Annual University of Michigan Early Career Scientists Symposium, March 25, 2012 (International Symposium)

Invited seminar, Portland State University, Portland, OR, April 13th, 2012

Invited seminar, University of Montana, Missoula MN, May 2, 2012

Invited symposium presentations, Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections Meeting, New Haven CT June 13-16th (one lead presentation in Collaborations series, one coauthored presentation in same session and another co-authored presentation in the Archives and Special Collections series)

Invited symposium presentation, Spatial Biodiversity Science and Conservation at a Global Scale, Yale University, October 24th

Invited presentation, U.C. Berkeley EcoLunch Presentation, November 26th, 2012. 

Invited colloquium, Joint Seminar Series in Biodiversity and the Environment, University of Southern California and Los Angeles County Museum, November 29th, 2012

Invited speaker and plenary panelist at the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections meeting, May 24th, San Francisco, CA.

Invited webinar in National Park Service's "Climate Change in National Parks" series. Talk title: "Species response to climate change – A view from on high", Sept 8th, Boulder CO.

Plenary presentation at NEON Member's Meeting, "Understanding the biosphere at regional / continental-scales", Sept 16th, Boulder CO.

Invited keynote speaker at the 1st iEvoBio meeting (satellite conference of Evolution), Portland OR  June 29th, 2010.  See presentation here:

Invited seminar, National Biological Information Infrastructure, Aug. 25th, USGS Headquaters in Reston, VA.

Invited speaker, CyberCommons Biodiversity and Disease session, Sept. 4th, Lawrence, KS

Invited colloquium, Tulane University, Sept. 10th, 2010.

Invited seminar,  National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA November 15. 2010

Invited talk, Biodiversity Theory to Inform Global Change Strategies workshop, Dec. 6th 2010

Invited talk, National Geographic Society, Washington DC Dec. 15th, 2010

Invited Seminar, University of Kansas Biodiversity Research Center. October 22nd.

Invited talk, Lifelong Learning Center, host Gerhard Fischer, University of Colorado, on the topic of digital biocuration.

Lead co-presentation (with Walter Jetz and Andrew Hill) at BioSync workshop: Integrating and refining the global knowledgebase of species distributions – data, tools, and applications.

Co-Presentation (with Philip Golstein) at NBII one day meeting in Reston, Virginia. OBIS-USA accomplishments and demonstration.

Invited colloquium talk, University of New Mexico Department of Biology, Oct. 30

Talk and poster presentation Biodiversity Information Standards meeting (TDWG) Perth, Australia (A. Hill presenting)

Invited presentation, Census of Marine Life US National Committee Fall Meeting, Sept. 22-24, Monterey CA (presented with Philip Goldstein, Mark Fornwall)

Presentation at 25th British National Conference on Databases (BNCOD) 2008 Workshop, Biodiversity Informatics: challenges in modelling and managing biodiversity knowledge (2nd Author, A. Hill attending, July 10th 2008).

Invited International Symposium Presentation, Netherlands Life Watch symposium, June 10, 2008 Amsterdam (Talk entitled: “New Approaches to Monitoring Global Biodiversity”).

Invited colloquium talk, University of Colorado at Denver Dept. of Biology on March 14th.

Symposium talk, American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting Colloquium, 3rd author on invited paper in the “Global Dimension of Research Infrastructures” symposium. Wouter Los presenting.

Invited Speaker, Western Interior Paleontological Society Symposium 2007

Invited Presentation, Genomic Standards Consortium 4th Workshop: “eGenomics: Cataloguing our Current Genome Collection IV”, June 2007

Invited International Talk, “GMBA/GBIF joint workshop – data mining for mountain biodiversity research” meeting, Sept. 26-28 in Copenhagen Denmark.

Invited International Symposium Presentation, Global Biodiversity Information Facility GB14 Invited Speaker, Science Symposium. “GBIF's role in creating a platform for biodiversity prediction”, October 18, 2007 Amsterdam.

American Medical Informatics Association Poster Presentation (A. Hill, R. Guralnick, B. Alexandrov, D. Janies) “Genomic Analysis and Geographic Visualization of H5N1 and SARSCoV” (A. Hill attending, Distinguished Poster winner, Nov. 2007).

Invited Presentation, Natural History Museum London August 2006

Invited Presentation, Global Biodiversity Information Facility Governing Board Meeting 12 - Science Symposium [International; Co-Presented with Paul Flemons]

Invited Participant, American Malacological Society Workshop: New Frontiers in Western US Non-marine Malacology [July 2006, 2 lead presented papers]

TDWG 2006 Symposium “Building Biodiversity Applications” Presentation [lead author Guralnick, presented by D. Neufeld]

Invited Presentation, Global Biodiversity Information Facility Governing Board Meeting 13 [October 2006, Paul Flemons lead presenter]

Evolution: One co-authored presentation, one co-authored poster

1st Virtual Globe Scientific Users Conference: One co-authored presentation (Andrew Hill presenting)

Invited colloquium talk: American Museum of Natural History

Invited workshop speaker. New Zealand Mud Snail Workshop (USFW and ANS sponsored workshop)

Invited symposium speaker: Morphometrics Symposium at the North American Paleontological Conference June 2005. [International]

Taxonomic Database Working Group 2005 International Meeting, Saint Petersburg (3rd author on multi-author talk) [International]

American Malacological Society 2005 meeting (2nd author, Kathleen Sims attending)

Co-organizer and Symposium talk (study of methods for ordered sequences) at Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

Evolution (2): Lead presenter and second author

Invited Colloquium Talk: University of Wyoming at Laramie Botany Dept.

Invited Colloquium Talk: New Mexico State University

Invited Colloquium Talk: University of California Berkeley

Taxonomic Database Working Group Meeting, Co-Presenter, New Zealand (Oct. 2004) [International].

Invited Colloquium Talk: Brigham Young University

American Malacological Society

Society for Conservation GIS (second author)

Invited Presenter, Taxonomic Database Working Group Spatial Data Plenary Session [International] (David Neufeld attending)

Invited Colloquium Talk Colorado State University

Invited Workshop participant Georeferencing Workshop Yale University

Invited Workshop participant Distributed Generic Information Retrieval Workshop UCSD

2002 Invited Symposium (Biogeography) Talk Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

Invited Symposium (Conservation Biology) Talk at American Malacological Society (August 2002).

Geological Society of America topical sessions (2) – The Phenotype (lead presenter), Morphological Trends (second author).

Symposium Talk, Vera Fretter Functional Morphology Symposium at Malacologia Unitas Malacology Meetings [International]

Symposium Talk Molluscan Evolution and Development, at Malacologia Unitas Malacology Meetings (second author) [International]

Botanical Society of America (second author)


North American Paleontological Conference (third author) [International]

American Malacological Society

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

Unitas World Congress of Malacology [International]

International Congress of Invertebrate Reproduction and Development

Museums and the Web Conference

CalPaleo Annual Meeting

American Malacological Union Meeting, Symposium Speaker

Paleo21 Meeting, Invited Delegate [International]

1996 North American Paleontological Conference

American Malacological Union Meeting

1995 American Malacological Union Meeting

peer-reviewed journal Publications

2017 Kleist, N., R Guralnick, A. Cruz, and C. Francis.  2017. Sound settlement: Anthropogenic noise surpasses land cover in explaining distributions of secondary cavity nesting birds. Ecological Applications 27(1):260-273

MacFadden, B. and R. Guralnick. 2017. Horses in the Cloud: Big data exploration, mining, and integration for Equus (Mammalia, Equidae). Paleobiology  43(1):1-14.  doi: 10.1017/pab.2016.42.

Mayor, S. J, R. P. Guralnick,, M. W. Tingley, J. Otegui, J. C. Withey, S. C. Elmendorf, M. E. Andrew, S. Leyk, I. S. Pearse, and D. C. Schneider.  2017. Earlier spring green-up leads to increasing phenological asynchrony in migratory birds. Scientific Reports 7, 1902.

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Guralnick, R., R. Walls, and W. Jetz. Online Early. Humboldt Core – toward a standardized capture of biological inventories for biodiversity monitoring, modeling and assessment.  Ecography.

Owens, H., D. Lewis, J. Dupuis, A.L. Clamens, F. Sperling, A. Kawahara, R. Guralnick* and F. Condamine*.   In Press.  Latitudinal diversity gradient in New World swallowtail butterflies investigated with multi-evidence approach uncovers contrasting patterns of out-of- and into-the-tropics dispersal.  Global Ecology and Biogeography.  * co-corresponding author

Folk, R. A., P. Soltis, D. Soltis, R. Guralnick. In Press. New Prospects in the Detection and Comparative Analysis of Hybridization in the Tree of Life.   American Journal of Botany.  

Ellwood, L., P. Kimberly, R. Guralnick, P. Flemons , K. Love ,S. Ellis and 27 other authors listed alphanbetically (senior author Austin Mast). In Press. Worldwide Engagement for Digitizing Biocollections (WeDigBio)—The Biocollections Community's Citizen Science Space on the Calendar. Bioscience.

Kleist, N, R. Guralnick, A. Cruz, C. Lowry, and C. Francis. In Press. Chronic anthropogenic noise disrupts glucocorticoid signaling and has multiple effects on fitness in an avian community.  Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences.  

Riemer, K., R. Guralnick, and E. White. In Press. No general relationship between mass and temperature in endotherm species.  eLife.

2016 Kleist, N., R. Guralnick, A. Cruz and C. Francis.  2016.  Noise pollution masks intruder song and weakens territorial response.  Ecosphere 7(3):e01259 [DOI:10.1002/ecs2.1259]

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2011 Guralnick, R. P., L. Peterson and C. Ray. 2011. Mammalian distributional responses to climatic changes: A review and research prospectus.  Pp. 85-103 in:J. Balant and E. Beever (Eds.) Ecological Consequences of Climate Change: Mechanisms, Conservation, and Management. CRC/Taylor and Francis Boca Raton, FL. [Book Chapter] 

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editor reviewed contributions, Published Reviews, Books

2012     Daly, M, P.S. Herendeen, R. Guralnick, M. Westneat, and L. McDade.  2012. Invited Essay:  Systematics Agenda 2020: The Mission Evolves.  Systematic Biology. 61 (4): 549-552.  [doi: 10.1093/sysbio/sys044].

Guralnick, R. P., L. A. McDade, and D. R. Maddison.  2012. It’s Not About Technology, But Community Practice:  A Response to Scotland and Wood.  Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 27(8):417-418  [DOI:  10.1016/j.tree.2012.05.002]

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2007 Nelson, M. and R. P. Guralnick. 2007. A Field Guide to the Freshwater Mollusks of Colorado. Colorado Division of Wildlife, Colorado USA. 70pp.  Freely available PDF: [Winner of “Best of Category” (booklet) and a “Special Judge’s Award” from 2007 Print and Imaging Association/Mountain States (PIAMS) Pride Awards]

2006 Guralnick, R., J. Wieczorek, R. J. Hijmans, R. Beaman and the Biogeomancer Working Group. 2006. Biogeomancer: Automated georeferencing to map the world's biodiversity data. PLoS Biology 4(11):1908-1909. [doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0040381; Faculty of 1000 cited paper:]
Open Access:

Chapman, A.D. and J. Wieczorek (ed.). 2006. Guide to Best Practices for Georeferencing. Edited by: Arthur D. Chapman and John Wieczorek. Contributors: J.Wieczorek, R.Guralnick, A.Chapman, C.Frazier, N.Rios, R. Beaman, Q. Guo. Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Copenhagen, Denmark. ISBN: 87-92020-00-3.

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1994 Guralnick, R. P. 1994. From E-mail to E-museum. Comite International pour la Documentation 5:28-31.


- NSF MAPSTEDI project archival material at  Code and process documentation developed by D, Neufeld, R. Glaubitz, P. Murphey, R. Guralnick, G. Hill. 

-  Biogeomancer code repository:, Biogeomancer website:, Biogeomancer workbench:  Code developed by the Biogeomancer Consortium

-  GBIF Seed Grant:  A System for Increasing the Georeferencing Quality and Quantity of all GBIF Mediated Occurrence Records (Andrew Hill and Philip Goldstein, developers -  

-  GBIF-MAPA project website for analysis of biodiversity data: (Flemons, Neufeld, Ranipeta, Krieger and Guralnick)

-  NSF Gordon Alexander Project website and tools: (Nufio, Bowers, Goldstein, Hess, Lloyd and Guralnick) 

-  NSF Grasshoppers and Climate Change website and tools: and (Nufio, Bowers, Goldstein, McConnaughey, Guralnick)

-  NSF Alpine Microbial Observatory, including database and informatics: (Philip Goldstein lead, Guralnick, McConnaughey, A. Hill)

-  Monitoring disease evolution (Andrew Hill – developer) and creating geophylogenies in virtual globes (

-  Ocean Biogeographic Information System for the United States (OBIS-USA; lead developer Philip Goldstein):

- Map of Life website (, code development, ( and blog ( (NSF funded. Andrew Hill, Aaron Steele, Dan Rossauer, John Wieczorek lead developers)

- Biological Science Collections Tracker (BiSciCol) blog ( and code base ( (NSF funded.  Nico Cellinese at Florida, John Deck at Berkeley and Brian Stucky at CU Boulder, code developers)

- Phylobox (, a phylogeny viewer built for native use in Web browsers (NSF funded; Andrew Hill and Sander Pick, leads)

- Co-curated digitization blog (multiple posts):

-  VertNet blog, harvesting and portal development:  http://, & 



Museums and Digital Media (Spring 2001, 2003, Fall 2005, 2007, 2010, 2012)
A cross-disciplinary course taught both in the University of Colorado Museum and Field Studies program and in the Technology, Arts and Media certificate program. The course covers the concepts underlying use of digital media in museums and practice in using the tools to create digital media projects. Major revision to course content and organization in 2012.   Course website for 2012:

Animal Diversity: Invertebrates (Fall 2004, Fall 2006, Fall 2008, Spring 2011, Spring 2013) (formerly Invertebrate Biology taught in Fall 2001, Spring 2003) . An introduction to the majority of animal diversity with a special emphasis on evolutionary history, biodiversity, function and ecology. Completely revamped lab and lectures, Summer and Fall 2001. Course emphasis shifted toward diversity in 2004.
Course syllabus 2006: 

Analyzing Shape: Quantitative Approaches to Shape (Fall 2002)
A graduate seminar initially covering some traditional statistical approaches to measuring shape and then delving into new methods, focusing on outline and landmark based approaches. The course focuses on reading primary literature and on completing a project using the tools learned in the course.

Zoological Seminar and Practicum (Fall 2002)
This course, developed in tandem with the zoology collections managers, covers all aspects of collection management and curation of zoological material (invertebrate and vertebrate). Lecture,
hands-on learning and a final project provides students with background and tools for professional curation.

Scientific Survival (Spring 2003, Spring 2005, newly redeveloped in Spring 2009)
A graduate seminar that covers how to succeed in graduate school and beyond. Co-instructor (with Deane Bowers 2003-2005). Course re-developed and co-taught with Pieter Johnson in Spring 2009.
2009 Course Homepage:

A Macroecological Perspective on Biodiversity and Biogeography (Spring ’08)
A seminar that combines readings in the primary literature in macroecology, biodiversity and biogeography, focusing on larger spatial scale patterns from regional to global. The seminar combines primary literature with hands-on computer lab exercises teaching the basics of Geographic Information Systems, and new spatial ecology tools.

Students and staff overseen

CURRENT EEB ADVISOR or CO-ADVISOR:Brian Stucky (Masters, Fall ’09-Spring '11, PhD Fall '11-present), Nate Kleist (PhD, Fall 2012-present), Aidan Beers (Masters, Fall 2012-present).

CURRENT MFS ADVISOR OR CO-ADVISOR: Aly Seeberger (Fall 2012-present).

GRADUATED PhD STUDENTS: Kathleen Sims (Fall 2006; now Asst. Professor at the University of La Verne); Jonathan Krieger (Winter 2006, now postdoctoral student at the Natural History Museum London), David Daitch (PhD, winter 2007, now Paleoenvironmental Consultant), Heidi Schutz (PhD Fall 2008; now Assistant Professor Pacific Lutheran University),  Andrew Hill (PhD Fall 2008-2012, now Chief Science Officer, Vizzuality), Robert Jadin (PhD, Spring 2013; now at Northeastern Illinois University), Liesl Peterson-Erb (Co-advisor with Dr. Chris Ray, PhD, Fall 2007-2013, now at Western Colorado State)

GRADUATED MASTERS STUDENTS, EBIO: Andrew Hill (Fall 2006-Spring 2008), Peter Erb (Fall '08-Spring '12)

CURRENT EEB COMMITTEE MEMBER (9 total): Marcus Cohen, Julia Dupin, Joanna Hubbard, Kevin Bracey Knight, Melinda Markin, Matt Sharples, Kika Tarsi, Ty Tuff, Sarah Wagner.

OUTSIDE MEMBER: Erin Leckey (Geology), Sophia Liu (ATLAS)


INTERNSHIP STUDENTS: Meghann Toner (Fall ‘06)


GRADUATED STUDENTS, ADVISOR, MFS: Allison Smith, Dolly Crawford (currently PhD student University of New Mexico), Erin King (Non-profit), Ian Cunningham (CU Engineering Center), Mardy Nelson, Lauren Golten, Kate Bowell (Curator of Interpretation, Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center), Melissa Reed-Ekhart (Environmental Consulting), Heather Hamilton (Lab and Collections Management, CU Boulder). 

COMMITTEE MEMBER, GRADUATED STUDENTS, MFS: Committee member for twenty graduated MFS students.

COMMITTEE MEMBER, GRADUATED STUDENTS, EBIO: Committee member for nineteen graduated EEB PhDs (Matthew Bealor, Brian Buma, Elizabeth Costello, Katie Driscoll, Shannon Fehlberg,  Clinton Francis, Jenn Geiger, Sara Hellmuth-Paull, Sharada Krishnan, Melissa Islam, Ryan Jones, John Kineman, Andrew King, Jessica Metcalf, Toni Piaggio, Mike Robeson, Loren Sackett, Se Jin Song, Sarah Wise). 

COMMITTEE MEMBER for one graduate EEB Masters student (Sarah Sattin).

Allison Cole (Brian Hall, Advisor), Dalhousie University, Halifax 2004; Dolly Crawford (Felisa Smith, Advisor), University of New Mexico, 2009; Dan Rosauer (Shawn Lafferty, Advisor), University of New South Wales, 2010; Jason Malaney (Joe Cook, Advisor), University of New Mexico, 2012


UNDERGRADUATE ASSISTANTS: Quinn Daily (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)/ Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP) funding , Sonorella project), Gavin Dean (UROP funding, Pika survey), Michael Gamanos (Bird species richness), Andrew Hill (bioinformatics/georeferencing), Dan Knowles (invertebrate projects), Brian Kot (crayfish morphometrics/biotic surveys), Ryan Lynch (Spring 08-present, Socompa metazoan project), Jacob Phillips (gene sequencing), Thomas Saelli (NZMS project), Justine Smith (UROP funding, Pika survey summer 2008), Aaron Stecker (Spring ’09-present, land snail life history), Liz Studer (UROP funding, pika survey, Summer 2008; UROP funding for grasshopper mouth morphology project, Fall 2008 and Spring 2009), Erin Thayer (Spring ’09-present, avian flu evolution), Meredith Wilson (Fall ’07-Fall ‘-08, drug resistance in flu project, co-author on published paper), Rebecca Pederson and Helena de Sousa Brasil Barreto (Fall 2013, species inventory checklist project).

INDEPENDENT STUDY STUDENTS: Dolly Crawford (MFS 2001), Michael Gamanos (EBIO undergrad. 2004), Philip Goldstein (EBIO undergrad. 2006), Andrew Hill (EBIO undergrad 2006), Heidi Schutz (MFS 2001), Amy Wilkinson (MFS 2006), Clint Francis (EBIO, graduate 2007), Marcus Cohen (EBIO, graduate, 2007), Liesl Peterson (EBIO, graduate, Fall 2007 and Spring 2008), Melissa Reed-Eckhart (MFS, Fall 2008), Heather Hamilton (MFS, Spring 2009), Kika Tarsi (Fall 2011, Spring 2012), Melissa Lea Kean (Fall 2012), Aly Seerberger (Museum, Spring 2013).

RESEARCH ASSISTANTS, ASSOCIATES OVERSEEN (status in parantheses): Robbie Glaubitz (Web designer, SRA) ‘01-‘03, J. Ryan Allen (Lead georeferencer, SRA) ‘02-‘04, Jeremy Van Cleve (Informatics/GIS SRA) ‘03-‘04, David Neufeld (Informatics developer) ‘02-‘07, Tamara Anderson (half-time post-doctoral student ‘04-‘05), Jenny Ramp (post-doctoral co-advised with Tom Ranker) ‘05-‘07, Eric Waltari (Post-doctoral student co-advised with Susan Perkin AMNH, Oct. 05-July 2007), Gregory Hill (Informatics developer) ‘05-‘06, Heather Hamilton (PRA, Lab Technician, 05-‘08); Philip Goldstein (PRA, Lead informatics Developer’06-’08, Senior PRA ’08-present), Javier Otegui (Postdoctoral Student, Sept. 2012-present), Stephen Mayor (Postdoctoral Student, split with NEON, August 2013-present).

Collaborators on grant related research (’05-present)

Deane Bowers (CU Boulder),  Nico Cellense (Univ. of Florida, Gainsville), Carla Cicero (UC Boulder), Joel Cracraft (AMNH), Philip Goldstein (CU Boulder),  Paul Flemons (Australia Museum), Mark Fornwall (National Biological Information Infrastructure), Thomas Hauser (CU Boulder),  Bryan Heidorn (University of Arizona), Walter Jetz (Yale University), Brian McGill (Univ. of Maine),  Jana McPherson (Calgary Zoo); Andrew Martin (CU Boulder), Craig Moritz (UC Berkeley),  Cesar Nufio (CU Boulder), Susan Perkins (American Museum of Natural History), Tom Ranker (CU Boulder), Chris Ray (CU Boulder), Steve Schmidt (CU Boulder), John Wieczorek (University of California at Berkeley).

Recent Press about work (’03-Present)

- Geospatial solutions article: Bone Rooms. Bird Bodies, and Biodiversity Informatics (

- Geotimes (25,000 member subscription base): Lead Cover Article August 2005 on the project Biogeomancer ( and here:

- GBIF Demo. Project Press Release:

- Mapping genome evolution of H5N1 Avian Influenza in GoogleEarth: (CU press release). Story carried in Denver Post, Daily Camera, Rocky Mountain News, and other new service outlets. Highlights: "Tuesday Map: Google Earth does bird flu" Foreign Policy, May 8, 2007 (, "Avian Flu: Seeing the Big Picture", MIT Technology Review, May 7, 2007 (, "Google map tracks avian flu" Denver Post, May 1, 2007 (, "Supermap developed to track avian flu" KOAA TV NBC Affiliate in Colorado Springs ( and >30 other related stories (April 30-May 3, 2007)

- Mammals on Great Basin sky islands not as isolated as previously thought. See the AMNH press release (, Science Daily story (, article in the Tucson Citizen newspaper (, Eureka Alert

- Pika resurveying work featured on National Geographic’s Wild Chronicles (; show #405 entitled “What’s The Impact”), a nationally broadcast show on PBS, air date: Feb 2009 (here for web video:

- Evolution of drug resistance in avian influenza H5N1 press. News outlets carrying story: United Press International Release:; Rocky Mountain News:, Denver Post:; Daily Camera: ; KGNU radio broadcast: -  

-  Public release of the Map of Life Beta (May 2012).  CU Press Release here:, Nature News piece here:, OnEarth magazine piece by Alan Burdick here:, with press releases from Yale University, Calgary Zoo, and reposts and other articles in Daily Camera, MSNBC, CBC, GOOD magazine, Wired magazine, The Scientist, Futurity, Popular Science, the New York Times, among many others.

grant and manuscript review

Summary:  95 NSF grant reviews since 2000, 8 ad-hoc reviews for other state, national or international funding agencies or foundations, 12 reviews for Center for Disease Control and Prevention; 14 reviews of full proposals and 105 reviews of pre-proposals for the JRS Foundation.
- 13 reviews, NSF Biological Databases and Informatics Panel May 2003
- 11 reviews, NSF Biological Research Collections Panel Oct. 2006
- 12 reviews (1 as primary, 1 as tertiary and the rest as panelist), CDC Grants for Public Health 
         Dissertation Research Special Emphasis Panel Nov. 2009
- 30 reviews for East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes (EAPSI) Jan. 2008
- 14 reviews for  JRS Foundation Final Proposals, 2011.
- 105 reviews for JRS Foundation pre-proposal, Winter/Spring 2012.
- 30 reviews for JRS Foundation Final Proposals 2012.
- 15 reviews for NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity panel July 2013
- 3 ad-hoc reviews for NSF Biological Research Collections
- 1 ad-hoc review NSF CAREER grant to DEB Population Biology, & DBI Databases and Informatics
- 1 ad-hoc review for NSF Biological Databases and Informatics (BDI)
- 2 ad-hoc reviews for NSF DEB Systematic Biology
- 3 ad-hoc reviews for NSF DEB Biotic Surveys and Inventories
- 1 ad-hoc review for NSF DEB Systematic Biology and Biological Inventories
- 1 ad-hoc review for NSF Advances in Biological Informatics Program
- 1 ad-hoc review for NSF Systematic Revisions program
- 1 ad-hoc review NSF Earth Sciences Geology and Paleontology. 
- 3 ad-hoc reviews NSF Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology
- 1 ad-hoc review NSF Instrumentation & Facilities Program,Division of Earth Sciences
- 1 ad-hoc review for NSF Ecological Biology Cluster
- 1 ad-hoc review for NSF DEB  Population and Evolutionary Processes Cluster
- 1 ad-hoc review NSF Pan-American Advanced Studies Institutes (PASI)
- 1 ad-hoc review for NSF Planetary Biotic Inventory (PBI) program
- 1 ad-hoc review for NSF Research in Undergraduate Institutions (RUI) program
- 1 ad-hoc review for NSF Systematics and Biodiversity Science Program
- 1 ad-hoc review for NSF Advances in Revisionary Systematics Program
- 1 ad-hoc review for State of Louisiana EPSCoR program
- 1 ad-hoc review for U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation
- 1 ad hoc review for Council for Earth & Life Sciences, Netherlands Org. for Sci. Research
- 1 ad-hoc review for the FONDECYT Chilean National Research Funding competition.
- 1 ad-hoc review for the Flemish Hercules Foundation
- 1 ad-hoc review for the Swiss National Science Foundation
- 1 ad-hoc review for the Keck Foundation
- 1 ad-hoc review for the Marine Science and Technology Foundation 

Manuscript reviews, 2000-present (141 total for 66 different journals): African Journal of Ecology (1); American Malacological Bulletin (4); Animal Biology (1); Animal Conservation (1); Archiv fuer Hydrobiologie (1); Biodiversity and Conservation (2); Biodiversity Informatics (4); Bioinformatics (8); Biological Conservation (2); Biological Journal of the Linnaean Society (2); Biology Letters (1); Bioscience (2); Biosystems (1); BMC Ecology (3); BMC Bioinformatics (1); BMC Plant Biology (2); BMC Research Notes (2); Canadian Journal of Zoology (1); Contributions to Zoology (2); Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability (1); Diversity and Distributions (2); Earth Science Informatics (1); Ecological Applications (2); Ecological Modeling (1); Ecological Research (1); Ecography (3); Ecological Informatics (1); Ecology (2); Evolution (11); Evolutionary Bioinformatics (1); Evolutionary Ecology Research (1); Frontiers in Biogeography (1); Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (1); Future Internet (1); Global Change Biology (3); Global Ecology and Biogeography (2); Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment Book Chapter review (1); IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (1); Integrative and Comparative Biology (1); International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies (1); Invertebrate Biology (3); Journal of Biogeography (8);  Journal of Environmental Management (1);  Journal of Mammalogy (1); Journal of Molluscan Studies (6); Journal of Morphology (1); Malacologia (1); Molecular Ecology (4); Molecular Ecology Notes (1); Molluscan Research (1);  Nature Communications (2); Naturwissenschaften (2); The Nautilus (1); Oikos (1); Organisms, Diversity and Evolution (1); Pacific Science (1), Paleobiology (3); Palaeontologia Electronica (1); PLoS One (3); Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2); Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B (1); Quaternary International (1); Social Science Computer Review (1); Systematic Biology (2); Trends in Ecology and Evolution (4); The Veliger (2); Zootaxa (4).

Guest Subject Editor: 2 papers (2012, 2013), Ecological Applications.
PLOS ONE Editor:  4 papers (2013).

Book reviews:  1 book concept review and 1 full book review for Princeton Press.

Tenure letters:  1 for University of Arizona, 2012

Foundation requested letter of support for Fellows program (1).  

Other Professional Service

Society and Professional Service

- Symposium Co-organizer 2004 Division of Systematics and Evolution Biology Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
- Membership and Nominating Committee Member, American Malacological Society 2004-2006
- Member, Freshwater Gastropod of North America Editorial Board.
- Reviewer for the Berkeley Natural History Museums Informatics Architecture Requirements
- Associate Editor, Biodiversity Informatics 2005-present.
- Associate Editor, Palaeontologica Electronica 2006-present.
- Member of Steering Committe for the VertNet project May 2008-Dec. 2009.
- Chair, Steering Committe for the VertNet project Jan. 1,.2010-present.
- Member, Organizing Committee, Evo/Phyloinformatics Conference at SSB/SSE 2010 
- Co-Chair, Organizing Committee, Evo/Phyloinformatics Conference at SSB/SSE 2011
- Member, President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) Working 
  Group on Biodiversity Preservation and Ecosystem Management.  Report here.
- Invited Member, External Scientific Advisory Committee for the CyberCommons for Ecological   
   Forecasting project.
- Invited Member, Board of Directors, Phyloinformatics Research Foundation Inc.
- Invited Member, PLoS Hubs Biodiversity Curator
- Invited Member, NEON Data Standards Working Group
- Invited Member, NSF S2I2 Workshop on Digitizing Collections Organizing Committee, 2010
- Elected Member, JRS Foundation Board of Directors, 2010
- Invited Member, iPlant GIS Advisory Group
- Invited Member, Barcode of Life Advisory Group, 2011-present
- Invited Member, Ad-hoc AIBS committee on advancing a national policy voice for evolution and   
-  InvitedMember, CONABIO Scientific Advisory Committee 2012-present
-  Invited Member, Art of Life Advisory Board, Missouri Botanic Gardens, 2012-present
-  Invited Member, DataONE Metadata Working Group, 2012-present (2 meetings per month)
-  Invited Member, Advisory Committee, NSF Workshop: Scaling Up Workshop on Continental Scale 
   Population and Community Ecology 2012-2013.
-  Invited Member, Bioiversity Data Journal Advisory Board member 2012-present.
-  Invited Member, ICZN Digital Business Model Advisory Board, 2013-present

Invited Workshops and Seminars 

2015    Workshop Co-Organizer, Integrative analysis of spatial biodiversity data and Map of Life, at the International Biogeographic Society Bi-annual meeting, Bayreuth, Germany, Jan. 12th, 2015

Invited Workshop Participant, The Future of Digital Nomenclature – an ‘ICDN’ Nomina 14 - ICB meeting (funded by IUBS), London, UK, Jan. 15-17th, 2015.

AIM-UP! Annual Meeting Invited Participant, Albuquerque New Mexico, Jan. 23-25th.  

Invited NCEAS workshop participant, SONet Observation Standards Alignment meeting,  March 1-5th, Santa Barbara.

Invited Participant, FuturePhy kick-off meeting, Tucson AZ,  March 8-10th.

Invited Participant and presenter, GRBio workshop, Washington DC April 27-28th

Invited Participants and presenter, Global Biodiversity Monitoring Symposium, Yale University, May 4-6th.  

Invited Participant, C4P RCN Synthesis Meeting, Lamont-Doherty Observatory, New York, May 13-15th.

President of the Board at JRS Board Fall Meeting and incvited keynote symposium speaker, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, June 1-6th.

2014   Organizational meeting, PCO/BCO Ontology Workshop, Tucson AZ, Jan 16-19th
Co-organizer, PCO/BCO Ontology Workshop, Tucson AZ, Feb. 18th-Feb. 20th

Invited Participant, AIM-UP! RCN Network: Museums and Undergraduate Education 2014 workshop. Asilomar CA Feb. 27-March 1

Invited Participant, CONABIO (Mexican Biodiversity Agency) Scientific Advisory     Committee meeting.   Mexico City, MX, March 4th-6th.

Invited Participant, Digitizing Source Materials Workshop, New Haven, Yale, March 10-12.

Invited Participant, Genomic Standards Consortium 16 Material Sample Core/BCO Hackathon, Oxford UK March 30-April 2. 

President of the Board at JRS Board Spring Meeting, in Bogota and Villa de Leyva, Colombia, June 1-6th.
Invited Panelist, Pro-iBiosphere final meeting, Meise, Belgium, June 10-13th.

Visting Faculty/Workshop Organizer (with David Bloom), Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) niche modeling program, La Selva and Cuerici, July 5-11th.

Invited Participant, RCN4GSC Darwin Core and BCO mapping workshop, Eugene, OR, August 23-25th.  
Co-organizer, The Meaning of Names Conference, CU Boulder, Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2014.

Invited Participant, AIM-UP planning meeting, Half Moon Bay, CA Oct. 5th, 2014.

Local organizer and participant, Biovel Evaluation Meeting.  Boulder, CO Oct. 13th, 2014.

Co-organizer, Identifiers Workshop, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden, Oct. 25-26th, 2014.

Invited Participant, Taxon concepts and species ranges.  Berkeley CA, Nov. 7-8th.

President of the Board at JRS Board Fall Meeting, in Atlanta, GA Nov. 9-13th.

Co-organizer, Notes from Nature/iDigBio CitStitch Hackathon, Gainesville, FL, Dec. 3-5th.

Invited participant, NCEAS working group, Biodiversity as an Earth Systems Science, Dec. 10-12th. 

2013  Co-organizer, one day Biodiversity Informatics workshop at International Biogeography Society Meeting, Miami.  

Invited participant (one of 10 US invitees) Joint Indo-US Workshop on Biodiversity Informatics, January 19-20, Bangalore, India.

Invited participant and Symposium Speaker, 1st Annual Meeting of the Project “Structure and evolution of the amazon biota and its environment: an integrative approach” in Sao Palao, Brazil, March 4-8.

Invited participant  NSF funded DwC/MIxS Focus Group, March 26-27th, Seattle Wash.

Invited participant  VertNet 1st Sustainability Meeting, March 28th, Oakland, CA.

Invited Participant, AIM-UP! RCN Network: Museums and Undergraduate Education 2013 workshop. Cambridge, MA April 11-12th

Invited Participant, JRS Annual Board Meeting, Capetown, South Africa, May 25-June 1.

Co-organizer and speaker, Scaling Up Workshop on Continental Scale Population and Community Ecology, Maryland, June 3-7.

Introductory Speaker on Global Change and Biodiversity Session, Kavli Frontiers of Science symposia, Irvine CA June 15-18.  

Co-organizer and speaker, EOL-BioSynC and Yale Institute of Biospheric Studies Symposium and Workshop one Species Inventory Standards and Global Island Biogeography.  New Haven, June 19-23.  
Co-organizer, Workshop Facilitator and Host, 2nd VertNet Biodiversity Informatics Training Workshop, June 24-28th in Boulder, Colorado (25 student participants)

Invited Participant COOPEUS Workshop, EGI-TF annual meeting, Madrid, Spain, September 18-19, 2013

Co-organizer, Semantics of Biodiversity Super-Symposium (3 symposium sessions plus a set of plenaries), TDWG meeting, Florence, Italy, 2013

Invited Participant, JRS Annual Board Meeting, Chicago, November 9-11, 2013

Invited Participant, Art of Life Development Meeting, Saint Loius, MO Nov. 12, 2013

2012  Invited Participant, Genome Standards Consortium Biodiversity Working Group at Joint Genome Institue, Jan. 25-27th. 

Invited Participant, AIM-UP! RCN Network: Museums and Undergraduate Education 2012 workshop,Fairbanks, AL. Feb. 20-23rd. 

Invited Participant, CONABIO (Mexican Biodiversity Agency) Scientific Advisory Committee meeting and 20 year celebration of the agency.  Mexico City, MX, 3/14-3/16 2012

Invited Participant, iDigBio Digitization Hub Workshop on Standards and Cyberinfrastructure (breakout session co-lead), Gainesville FL. March 28-31 

Invited Participant, Citizen Science Alliance Workshop, Adler Planetarium, Chicago IL May 8-9th.

JRS Board of Directors Meeting, San Jose and Guanacasta, Costa Rica, May 13-20th.
Invited Participant, The Future of NESCent meeting, Durham, NC, May 24-25th.

Invited Participant, Moorea Biocode Sustainability Meeting.  Moorea, French Polynesia, May 31-June 4th.

Workshop Facilitator and Host, 1st VertNet Biodiversity Informatics Training Workshop, June 24-29th in Boulder, Colorado (27 student participants)

Invited Paricipant, GBIC (Global Biodiversity Information Conference), Copenhagen, Denmark, July 2-4  

Invited Participant, Genomics Standards Consortium meeting, Oxford, UK Sept. 17-18th, 2012

Invited Participant, DataONE Metadata Working Group annual meeting, Albuquerque, NM, Sept. 19-20th, 2012.

Invited Participant, Spatial Biodiversity Science and Conservation at a Global Scale, Yale Institute of Biospheric Studies Symposium series, and workshop (including presentation), Oct. 23-24th.

Invited Participant, JRS Fall Board Meeting, Philadelphia PA Oct. 31-Nov. 3rd.

Invited Participant, Climate Change and Species Interactions: Ways Forward, Cary Institute, NY, Nov. 14th-15th.

2011  Invited Participant, iPlant GIS Advisory Group meeting, Feb. 24-25th, Tucson, AZ (and 20 minute presentation on Map of Life)

Invited Participant, RCN Collections Web Digitization Workshop, March 3rd-4th, Norman, OK (20 minute presentation on scope of digitization effort)

Invited Participant, NSF S2I2 Workshop on Digitizing Collections, March 22nd-24th, Chicago, IL

JRS Board of Directors Meeting, Nairobi, Kenya, May 29-June 5th

Invited Participant, Exploratory meeting to consider an AIBS Ad Hoc Committee on Biodiversity-related Sciences, June 17th, Norman, OK.

Invited Participant, Workshop on EU-US cooperation on environmental research infrastructures and e-infrastructures, Sept 13-14th, Brussels, Belgium (and 30 minute co-presented presentation with Wouter Los of LifeWatch on Biodiversity E-infrastructure during meeting opening).

Invited Participant, Future of Systematics Writing Meeting, Sept. 23-25th, Field Museum, Chicago.

Invited Participant, Occurrence Data Integration Workshop: Biodiversity Information Serving Our Nation (BISON), Sept. 27th-29th, Reston, VA.  

Invited Paricipant, JRS Fall Board of Directors Meeting, Washington DC Nov. 9-13th, 2011.

Invited Participant, Phyloinformatics Research Foundation 2011 Board meeting, NESCent, Durham NC, Dec. 12-14th.  

2010    Invited Participant, NESCent workshop “Biological Collections Digitization Focus Meeting”, Durham, NC.  Feb. 5-7th.
Co-Moderator, Census of Marine Life Town Hall “Observing Reality: Contributions and Applications from Integrated, Multi-Disciplinary Observing Efforts”, Feb 22-24, Ocean Sciences meeting, Portland, OR.

Co-organizer, NCEAS workshop - Choosing (and making available) the right environmental layers for modeling how the environment controls the distribution and abundance of organisms.  Meeting in Santa Barbara, CA March 22-26th.

Invited Participant, RCN Collections Web meeting, New Orleans, March 26th-27th 2010

Invited Participant, Review Team for European biodiversity infrastructure project, Life Watch (one of five high level invited experts).  Meeting in Uppsala, Sweden, April 15th and 16th 2010.

Co-organizer, NESCent workshop “Biological Collections Digitization Community Development and Strategic Plan”, Durham, NC, April 28-May 1. 

Co-organizer, NESCent workshop - Integrating datasets to investigate megafauna extinctions in the Late Quaternary.  Meeting in Durham, NC May 26-29th.

Invited participant, President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) Working Group on Biodiversity Preservation and Ecosystem Management meeting, Washington DC, June 23-24th.

Organizer. BioSync Map of Life Informatics meeting at the University of Colorado, Boulder, July 7-10 2010.

Invited instructor, Geo-ecological Data Analysis , University of Amsterdam, July 12-16th 2010 (

Invited participant, OBIS-USA Advisory team meeting, USGS Center for Biological Informatic, Lakewood, CO, August 3-4th.

Invited participant, 2nd President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) Working Group on Biodiversity Preservation and Ecosystem Management meeting, Washington DC, August 26th-27th.

Invited participant, External Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting for the annual CyberCommons for Ecological Forecasting project.  Sept. 3,4th Lawrence, KS.

Co-organizer, NSF Digitization workshop (13 national participants to discuss roles and responsibilities for a national digitization hub).  Sept. 16th and 17th, CU Boulder, CO.

Invited participant, Neotoma Paleoecology Database workshop, Sept. 23rd-26th, Madison, WI.

Invited participant, Future Directions in Biodiversity and Systematics Research, Sept 29-Oct 1. National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC (note not at meeting Sept. 30th)

Invited participant, 3rd President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) Working Group on Biodiversity Preservation and Ecosystem Management meeting, Washington DC, Sept. 30th.

Co-organizer, NCEAS workshop #2 - Choosing (and making available) the right environmental layers for modeling how the environment controls the distribution and abundance of organisms (focus on layers).  Meeting in Santa Barbara, CA, Oct. 12-16th.

Workshop Leader,  Spatial Data and Analysis in Ecology and Evolution, Ecological Niche Modeling submodule, Oct. 21-22nd, 2010, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Invited participant, Sustain What? Workshop, Nov. 6-8th, New York Botanical Garden, NY. 

Invited participant, “Biodiversity Theory to Inform Global Change Strategies”,   Dec, 6-7th, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley CA.

Invited participant, Phyloinformatics Foundation Board Meeting, Durham, NC Dec. 12-13th.

Invited participant, BiSciColl kick off meeting, Dec. 16-17th, Washington DC

2009 Invited Participant, NSF funded workshop "Future directions in biodiversity and systematics research", Long Beach, CA Oct. 30-Nov. 1. 

Co-organizer, BioSynC working group: Integrating and refining the global knowledgebase of species distributions – data, tools, applications. Meeting held in Chicago, IL May21-24.

Invited seminar participant, Fall 2009 ATLAS seminar Visual Art/Visual Science: Technology, Aesthetics, Investigation

2008 Workshop Leader, Species Distribution/Ecological Niche Modeling. Two day workshop at University of Hawai’I West O’ahu Botany Department, May 28-29.

Inivted Participant including invited short presentation on geospatial data and analysis, NESCent workshop, “VertNet – The future of distributed database projects utilizing natural history collections”. May 13th and 14th, Durham, North Carolina.

Invited Participant, Biological Ocean Observing: Exploring components of IOOS from the perspective of Census of Marine Life, sponsored by the Census of Marine Life (CoML). Washington DC, January 14-15th, 2008.

2007 Microbial Observatory Principal Investigators Meeting, Washington DC (with Philip Goldstein, Elizabeth Costello)

Invited Participant, “eGenomics: Cataloguing our Current Genome Collection IV”

National Institute for Environmental E-Science (NIEeS) Cambridge UK, June 6-8,

The 4th meeting of the Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC)

Invited Participant, “Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment/Global Biodiversity Information Facility joint workshop – data mining for mountain biodiversity research” meeting, Sept. 26-28 in Copenhagen Denmark.

Invited Participant including invited short presentation on geospatial data, NBII/NSCA Overcoming the Digitization Bottleneck in Natural History Collections. Harvard University. Sept 8-9 2006.

Organizer, Moore Foundation Biogeomancer 2nd developer’s workshop January 12-13 2006 CU Boulder

Invited Participant, Moore Foundation Biogeomancer 3rd developer’s workshop May 23-24 2006, Albuquerque NM.

2005 Invited Participant Mathematical Biosciences Institute Workshop on Phylogenetic Analysis of Large Datasets, Dec. 1-4.

Organizer, Moore Foundation Biogeomancer 1st developer’s workshop June 13-15 2005 CU Boulder

Invited Participant NSF Paleontology Museum Collections and Database Workshop May 31-June 1 2005 Illinois State Museum.

Invited Participant Moore Foundation Biogeomancer workshop March 2005 Berkeley, CA (CU Boulder Biogeomancer team attendance – Dave Neufeld, Greg Hill, Robert Guralnick)

Invited Participant Sloan Foundation funded workshop Digital Libraries to Digital Laboratories, London UK.

2003 Invited Participant NSF Georeferencing workshop 2003 Hartford, CT (Mapstedi team attendance – Dave Neufeld, Robert Guralnick)

Invited Participant NSF DiGIR installation workshop 2003 San Diego (Mapstedi team attendance – David Neufeld)

Pre-2000 Invited Participant MUSE 1995 Biological Collection Information Provider Workshop

Museum Computer Network 1995 Meeting, Workshop Leader. Workshop Title: Providing Information On-line

Association of Science and Technology Centers 1995 Meeting, Invited Panelist

Western Museum Association 1995 Meeting, Session Moderator for Museum/Internet Panel.

Campus and Community Outreach

-   EcoArts Australis Conference Remote Presentation with Marda Kirn and Michelle Ellsworth, May 12-13th, 2013.
-  Panelist, Faculty Teaching Excellence Program ECF workshop on "Effective Student Mentoring", 
   November 11, 2012
-  Collaborator and Panelist, Preparations for the Obsolescence of the Y-Chromosome Second   Edition 
   (work with CU Theatre and Dance Professor Michelle Ellsworth) 
-  Keynote speaker, CU Biodiversity Symposium (Feb. 2011)
- Curator of a BioLounge exhibit: Declining Freshwater Mussel Biodiversity (Feb. 2009)
- CU College of Music presentation about evolution and the Tennessee Monkey Trial (Jan. 2009)
- Worked with local poet Jack Collum on collaborative poem on Climate Change presented at an EcoArts 
  performance: Balancing Acts: Visions for a Sustainable Future. Served on after performance panel 
  (Sept. 2008).
- Featured researcher in CU Museum of Natural History Exhibit: Evolution Here and Now (Fall 2008)
- Panelist, Science and Religion discussion, part of the Teaching Evolution: Narrowing Gaps in 
  Understanding Evolution workshop, June 2008
- Boulder BioBlitz CU Museum co-organizer and participant 2004
- Public lecture as part of the CU Museum 2003 Centennial Lecture Series: "Water Ways: The Changing 
   Nature of Water in the West and its Impact on Freshwater Life."
- Lecture to the CU Director’s Club at the 2003 Vail Annual Meeting.
- Volunteer at: CU Museum Open House 2000,2001,2002; Biodiversity Day at Denver Museum of Nature 
   and Science 2001; Dinosaur Day at Pueblo Zoo 2002.
- Featured researcher: 2001-2002 Sponsored Research Annual Report


Campus and department service

Member, Technology, Arts and Media Faculty Advisory Committee (2000-2006)
TAM course grant committee, 2001.
Boulder Faculty Assembly Representative, Museum (Fall 2003-Spring 2004)
ATLAS Faculty Fellow, Spring 2006-present
ATLAS PhD Program Graduate Committee Fall 2006
UROP grant review, 2006
Flagship 2030 strategic planning research committee, global crossroads subcommittee (2008). 
Graduate School Executive Advisory Council, Fall 2010-present
Member, search committee, Petascale Library Storage Administrator.
Member, Search Committee Petalibrary Storage Administrator
Graduate School Executive Advisory Council, Fall 2010-present
Research Review Board, inaugural member, Fall 2012-present
Member, review committee, Director of ATLAS Fall 2012-Spring 2013
Member, Research Data Advisory Committee, Fall 2013-present.
Participant, Boulder Faculty Assembly Leadership Institute Inaugural Class Fall 2013-Spring 2014.
PURC Committee Member, Leticia Sanchez reappointment case, Fall 2013

Member, Search Committee, Vertebrate Zoology Collections Manager (Summer-Fall, 2013)
Chair, Search Committee, Invertebrate Zoology Collections Manager (Fall 2012-Spring 2013)
Member, Search Committee Botany Curator and Asst. Professor (Fall 2011, Spring 2012)
Chair, Search Committee Botany Curator and Asst. or Assoc. Professor (Fall 2008-Spring 2009)
Dena Smith Primary Unit Evaluation Committee for promotion and tenure, Summer ‘08-Spring ‘09
Biology Hall Renovation Committee (Summer 2007-present)
Merit Review Committee (Spring 2007, Spring 2008, Spring 2009)
Co-Chair of Collections Committee, one of the four standing committees in the Museum (Fall 2005-Summer 2008)
Chair, Search Committee Vertebrate Curator and Asst. Professor (Fall 2006-Spring 2007)
Chair, Search Committee Vertebrate Curator and Asst. Professor (Fall 2003-Spring 2004)
Chair/Co-Chair, Search Committee Vertebrate Collections Manager (2003-2005)
Chair, Museum Grant Committee (Spring 2003-04)
Search committee Invertebrate Collections Manager (Fall 2001)
Search committee Museum Informatics position (Fall 2001)
Biodiversity Hall funding committee (Fall 2001-Spring 2002)
Museum Collections Committee (Fall 2000-Summer 2008)
Museum and Field Studies Curriculum Committee (Fall 2000-Spring 2004)


Chair, Piet Johnson Tenure Review Committee (Fall 2012)
Member, Web Committee, EEB (Fall 2011-)
Member, Search Committee Botany Curator and Asst. or Assoc. Professor (Fall 2011-Spring 2012)
Chair, Christy McCain reappointment committee, Fall 2010
Budget Committee, Chair, Fall 2010-present
Member, Tenure Review Committee for Chuck Davis (Spring 2010)
Co-Chair (with Deane Bowers), Search Committee Botany Curator and Asst. or Assoc. Professor (Fall 2008-Spring 2009)
Chair, Search Committee for Valerie McKenzie Asst. Professor hire (Spring 2009)
Executive Committee  (Fall 2008-Spring 2009, Fall 2012-Spring 201 
Budget Committee, Spring 2009
Member of the EBIO Website Committee, Fall 2008-Spring 2009, Fall 2011-present.
Chair, Search Committee Vertebrate Curator and Asst. Professor (Fall 2003-Spring 2004)
Co-Chair (with Deane Bowers), Search Committee Vertebrate Curator and Asst. Professor (Fall 2006-Spring 2007)
Chair, Web Committee, EEB (Fall 2002-present)
Member, Graduate Curriculum Committee (Spring 2003-Fall 204)
Member, Sequencing Facility Committee (Fall 2004-present)
Graduate Student Computing Facility Liaison (Spring 2001-2002)
Merit Review Committee (Spring 2005 untenured, Spring 2007 untenured, Spring 2009 tenured)

Professional affiliations (Past 5 years)


Society for the Study of Evolution
Society for Systematic Biologists
Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
Paleontological Society
Taxonomic Database Working Group
American Malacological Society