Monthly Instalments

As part of the design of the site I will quote the cost for the bare minimum. I accept monthly repayments to an agreed amount. This makes the cost of a website affordable for you and your website can be generating business for you whilst it's being paid for.

Add-on Pricing

Once we have the bare minimum you can add pages and features from a Menu style Pricing system. Features would be Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Social bookmarking, Mailing list subscription, etc or a bespoke component (priced per item). These additions can be paid for in full amounts or added onto the monthly payment.

Retainer Packages

Once your site is live and working for you I am available for ongoing amendments and changes. I have a pricing system whereby you give monthly payment's and I will be available to change and update any of the existing content to your site. I will also perform ongoing analysis to the KEYWORDS of your site based upon it's traffic and make tweaks to increase your site's performance. For an additional monthly cost I will also perform LINK BUILDING to raise your sites popularity.

This method is more effective than building a Content Management System because
  1. Integrating a Content Management System raises the cost of the design.
  2. You will not need training on it's use as it's a technical piece of software.
  3. Your site will be kept up to date and most importantly the content will be constantly by a SEO expert for optimum performance.