Robert Wyatt Davis

Graphic Artist and Bead Artisan

Studying Expressions using line and restricted color

Hit Counters

About Me   Wherein I spin a selected view of my life history trying to make it significant

Line Art Drawing  Where I ponder why we accept line cartoons as reasonable representations

Artists in Lowertown and PaducahPeople of Lowertown Paducah

Situation ArtWhere I explore situational Art

Etc Saturday Morning Coffee ClubSaturday People at Etc Coffee house.

Paducah Fiber ArtistsSome of the Fabulous Fiber Artists of Paducah

PAPA GalleryMy subjects are the artists that are members of PAPA

Paducah Art and Music Festival  Some Artists that I met at the Festival

Public Figures   Public Figures around Paducah and Elsewhere

Paducah School Of Art- Where I discuss some of the notable people I have met as a student.

Recent Work   some of the most recent work I've Done but not made pages for.

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