Bob Fischer

Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy
Texas State University
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666

fischer [at] txstate [dot] edu

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy at Texas State University. I spend most of my time writing about animal ethics and the epistemology of modality, but I'm also interested in moral psychology and philosophical methodology. For my CV, click here.

Jeff Johnson and I direct the Society for the Study of Ethics and Animals, which organizes both independent workshops on animal ethics and APA sessions having the same theme. The most recent call is available here.

For a while, I published under "Robert William Fischer." Thankfully, I got over that.


College Ethics
New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.
Preview the back cover!

Modal Justification via Theories
Dordrecht: Springer, forthcoming.

Modal Epistemology After Rationalism

Edited with Felipe Leon. Dordrecht: Springer, forthcoming.

The Moral Complexities of Eating Meat
Edited with Ben Bramble. New York: Oxford University Press, 2015.
NDPR Review

Recent Reviews

"Chignell, Cuneo, and Halteman’s Philosophy Comes to Dinner"
The Philosophical Review, forthcoming.

"David Kaspar’s Intuitionism"
Philosophy in Review 34.1-2 (2014).

"Lance Rips’ Lines of Thought: Central Concepts in Cognitive Psychology"
Philosophical Psychology 27:3 (2014): 445-449.

General Audiences

"When Vegans Won't Compromise"
With James McWilliams. The New York Times, August 2015.

"From Outrage to Integration"
Prindle Post, July 2015.

"Why Act When It Doesn't Make a Difference?"
Prindle Post, May 2015.

Persons I Am Not

Persons I Am
Articles and Chapters

"A Theory-based Epistemology of Modality"
The Canadian Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming.

"Disgust as Heuristic"
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, forthcoming.

"Facsimiles of Flesh"
(w/ Burkay Ozturk)
Journal of Applied Philosophy, forthcoming.

"You Can't Buy Your Way Out of Veganism"
Between the Species, forthcoming.

"Arguments for Consuming Animal Products"
The Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics, ed. Anne Barnhill, Mark Budolfson, and Tyler Doggett. New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

"What Can You Build?"
LEGO and Philosophy, ed. Roy T. Cook and Sondra Bacharach. New York: Blackwell, forthcoming.

"Modal Empiricism: Objection, Reply, Proposal"
Modal Epistemology After Rationalism, ed. Bob Fischer and Felipe Leon. Dordrecht: Springer, forthcoming.

"Bugging the Strict Vegan"
Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Ethics 29 (2016): 255-263.

"Hale on the Architecture of Modal Knowledge"
Analytic Philosophy 57 (2016): 76-89.

"Against Blaming the Blameworthy"
The Moral Complexities of Eating Meat, ed. Ben Bramble and Bob Fischer, pp. 185-198. Oxford University Press, 2015.

"Theory Selection in Modal Epistemology"
American Philosophical Quarterly 52 (2015): 289-304.

"Why It Doesn't Matter Whether the Virtues Are Truth-Conducive"
Synthese 191 (2014): 1059-1073.

"Disgust and the Collection of Bovine Fetal Blood"
Animal Ethics and Philosophy: Questioning the Orthodoxy, ed. Elisa Aaltola and John Hadley, pp. 151-164. London: Rowman & Littlefield, 2014.

Philosophy in the Contemporary World 18 (2012): 17-31.