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This page is intended to present the findings of the project.  The DNA sequences associated with the kits are listed at the FTDNA  sitewhich should be viewed alongside this page to help understand the results. The discussions are organised by Haplogroup and set, and should be useful for participants in better establishing the origins of their male-line ancestors.  The collation of the trees  and interpretations are largely due to Peter Roberts who ran the original project.

Note: Only matched groups are shown on this page. Unmatched sequences are listed on the FTDNA site, and if there has been a family tree submitted for the kit, it can be found by expanding the "kits" tab on the trees page

Haplogroup A, Set 01 / Genealogy 11
130540  A             H D Roberts1791 Nelson Co. VA>John>John [Not veUnknown Origin
21805   A             John H.Roberts b.1845 VA d.1898WV m.Margt.J.Bryant   Unknown Origin

Haplogroup I1, Set 02 / Bahamas & the Unknown

The paternal lines  below belong to the same direct paternal line and share a patriarch with the Roberts surname who likely lived in the Bahamas.
[ 107901 + 008867 Paper connection]
115268 013630 153273 [ 128839 093068 Paper connection]
82914   I1            Joseph Roberts of Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas      Unknown Origin
128839  I1            Roberts                                              Unknown Origin
153273  I1            Roberts                                              Unknown Origin
115268  I1            WilliamHenryRobert,Born1815,HarbourIsland,Bahamas    Unknown Origin
107901  I1            Thomas Barrett Roberts, b.c. 1810, Bahamas           Unknown Origin
8867    I1            Thomas Barrett Roberts,b.1810c, Bahamas              Unknown Origin
93068   I1            Roberts                                              Unknown Origin
13630   I1            Benjamin Roberts Sr. b.c.1795 d.c. 1839 Bahamas      Unknown Origin

Haplogroup I1, Set03 

Kit #127798 and Kit #124821
In comparing Y-DNA37 markers, which show 2 mismatches, the probability that (124821)  and (127798) shared a common ancestor within the last 5 generations is 43.9%.
The kits are thought to be fourth cousins once removed. This seems possible (with a 50% chance) based on the DNA results
Kit #127798 proven Roberts ancestor by traditional paper trails is James ROBERTS (b. Abt 1792-probably Camden District, SC; d. BET. 1870 - 1880-Greene Co., MS). It is thought that James Roberts was probably a son of Isaac Roberts, Sr., born about 1755, North Carolina; died about 1820, Greene Co., Mississippi. 

Kit #124821
Traces back to Isaac Roberts, Sr., born about 1755, North Carolina; died about 1820, Greene Co., Mississippi.

Haplogroup I2a, Set 01 / (aka I1b)

065412 023356

23356   I2a           Joel H. Roberts b. 1810 Wilkes Co., NC Gen.39        Unknown Origin
134872  I2a           Robirds                                              Unknown Origin
65412   I2a           Joel H. Roberts b. 1810 Wilkes Co., NC Gen.39        Scotland
133462  I2a           Roberts                                              Unknown Origin
179875  I2a           Enos Roberts 1865 - 1930                             Unknown Origin
118927  I2a           Jacob Roberts /Robards b. abt 1755/65 Carteret, NC   Unknown Origin
115459  I2a           William Roberts B. 1775 SC d. bef 1850 Grundy, TN    Unknown Origin

Haplogroup I2b, Set 01 (was I1c) SC


94835   I2b1          William Roberts b.c. 1802 SC d.Gwinnett Co., GA?     Unknown Origin
N9884   I2b1          Tom Roberts b.1867MS,son of James Roberts? b.1844    Wales

Haplogroup I2b, Set 02 / (was I1c) Irish

13629 I2b1 George Roberts b.c. 1804 Belfast, Ireland Ireland 130147 I2b1 George Roberts, 1814, Virginia, USA Unknown Origin 144893 I2b1 Roberts Unknown Origin 182632 I2b1 Ireland 214599 I2b1 Robert Roberts 1791 - 1848 Lurgan, Armagh, Ireland Northern Ireland

Haplogroup I2b, Set 03 (was I1c) Shopshire

077406 163236 163236 I2b1 Tho.Roberts b.c.1555 Wales? or Algernon Sydney Rob Unknown Origin N4800 I2b1 Drewery (Drury) Roberts 1753 - Abt 1821 United Kingdom 77406 I2b1 Wm.Roberts b.1783 GA d.1855 m. Nancy Tucker Gen.54 United Kingdom 173020 I2b1 Roberts England 151404 I2b1 Wm.Roberts b.1430StantonLacy,Shopshire,Eng, d.1454 England

Haplogroup J2, Set 01

117959 J2 Roberts England

Haplogroup R1a, Set 01

145522 R1a1a James Roberts 1826-1909 Unknown Origin 69954 R1a1a Roberts Unknown Origin 157652 R1a1a Roberts Wales

Haplogroup R1a, Set 02 / Georgia

035322 110783 R1a1a James ROBERTS Unknown Origin 35322 R1a1a Henry Roberts, b.c. 1806 in Ga Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1a2, Set 01

190135 Born circa 1782 S.C.
48569 Born circa 1766 N.C. or V.A.

Kits 190135 and 48569 (4 mismatches at Y37) have a 53% chance of being related in the past 12 generations.
190135 and 131838 are perfect matches (the kits share a gt-grandfather -i.e. they are second cousins)
58411   R1b1a2        Nathaniel Roberts, d. 8 Feb 1869 Folsomville, IN     Unknown Origin
36098   R1b1a2        Grant Roberts, b. 1804 NC, d. 1888 GA                Unknown Origin
131838  R1b1a2        Charles Roberts, c. 1780 SC; Monroe Co GA; d Limes   Unknown Origin
190135  R1b1a2                                                             Unknown Origin
70446   R1b1a2                                                             Unknown Origin
186828  R1b1a2                                                             Wales
153817  R1b1a2        WIlliam Racy Roberts, 1858-1916 Jackson County, GA   Unknown Origin
48569   R1b1a2        John Arthur Roberts b 1766                           England

Haplogroup R1b1a2, Set 02

035563 35563 R1b1 Ireland 130794 R1b1a2 Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1a2, Set 03

100319 022151
[099996 094610 171526 related on paper]
100319  R1b1a2        John Roberts d. 1808 Surry Co. NC                    Unknown Origin
111753  R1b1a2        John Roberts, b. 1764 VA, 1790-1827 SC, d. 1848 MS   England
71396   R1b1a2        John Roberts, b.c. 1764, Virginia                    United Kingdom
121419  R1b1a2        John Andrew Jones (son of unk. Roberts) b.c.1829     Unknown Origin
74301   R1b1a2                                                             Unknown Origin
94156   R1b1a2        Jesse Roberts, bc1763, NC/VA, d1825, Clay Co., KY    United Kingdom
99996   R1b1a2        Halfdan Eysteinson, 768-800 AD, Hostum, Vestold, N   Ireland
14864   R1b1a2                                                             Unknown Origin
139176  R1b1a2        Jesse Roberts b 1763 NC or VA, d 1823 Clay Co KY     Unknown Origin
171526  R1b1a2                                                             Unknown Origin
94610   R1b1a2                                                             Unknown Origin
73550   R1b1a2                                                             United States
29437   R1b1a2                                                             Unknown Origin
130762  R1b1a2        William Roberts b. 1765, VA                          Unknown Origin
34465   R1b1a2a1a1b4d Aaron Brock Cheif Red Bird, Clay County, Kentucky    Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1a2, Set 04

043936 43936 R1b1a2a1a1b William Roberts; dob? Wales - dod 1855-60 Missouri Wales 47740 R1b1a2 Myron M Roberts Sr Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1a2, Set 05

023635 110703
110703  R1b1a2                                                             Unknown Origin
210901  R1b1a2                                                             England
23635   R1b1a2        Luke Roberts                                         United Kingdom
174678  R1b1a2                                                             Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1a2, Set 06

59214 R1b1a2 Unknown Origin 119705 R1b1a2 Unknown Origin 90207 R1b1a2 Scotland 123066 R1b1a2 Roy E. Roberts Sr. Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1a2, Set 07

010142 John Roberts of New Providence. 013632 Benjamin Roberts (born before 1778, married Martha about 1795)
026830 Henry ROBERTS, b. circa 1825 Harbour Island , Eleuthera, Bahamas
40278   R1b1a2        Richard Roberts married Charity Sweeting 1815 on H   Unknown Origin
26830   R1b1a2        Henry Roberts, b.c. 1825 Harbour Island, Eleuthera   Unknown Origin
216220  R1b1a2                                                             Bahamas
13632   R1b1a2        James Jenkin Roberts,b 1885                          Unknown Origin
35134   R1b1a2                                                             Unknown Origin
29930   R1b1a2                                                             Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1a2, Set 08

041118 (+N7259, non FTDNA result on PR page?)
086545 086547 are linked on paper.
The paternal lines 041118 and 086545 belong to the same direct paternal line and share a patriarch with the Roberts surname who likely lived in Henry County, KY.ved in Henry County, KY.
088553 103933 are linked on paper.
107101  R1b1a2a1a1b   John Roberts                                         Unknown Origin
41118   R1b1a2        William Roberts c1685 Winchester VA                  Unknown Origin
86547   R1b1a2                                                             Unknown Origin
86545   R1b1a2                                                             Unknown Origin
102267  R1b1a2        Edward Roberts, c. 1690, Wales                       Wales
88553   R1b1a2        John Roberts                                         Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1a2, Set 09

033938 014273 are from the same family

144063  R1b1a2        Gaius Roberts, b. ca 1768, NJ, d. 1858, WV           Wales
14273   R1b1a2        Roberts of Wales                                     Wales
68897   R1b1a2        Henry Roberts, b. 2/1800, PA; d. 5/1872 OR           Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1a2, Set 10

083963 176167 R1b1a2 Amos Pleasant Roberts, b. c 1814 North Carolina Unknown Origin 109450 R1b1a2 Unknown Origin 121756 R1b1a2a1a1b3c (Roy) Unknown Origin 83963 R1b1a2 olive branch roberts nc Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1a2, Set 11

N86871 R1b1a2 Roberts Richard Roberts, 1730 - 1772 Unknown Origin 193621 R1b1a2 James A. Roberts 1854-1935 Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1a2, Set 12

028986 97659 R1b1a2 2 John Nesbitt b.1800 Indiana Co, PA Scotland 28986 R1b1a2 Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1a2, Set 13

036202 71901 R1b1a2 England 36202 R1b1 Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1A2, Set 14

90428 R1b1 Thomas Jacob Roberts Unknown Origin 105815 R1b1a2a1a1b3 Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1A2, Set 18

William Roberts b. abt 1774 (supposedly Maryland but not proven) d. 2 Feb - 6 May 1803 Kentucky mrd Mary Bowles (St. Mary's Co., MD families that migraged to KY)
Son  264093 Frances Joseph Roberts b. 1794 Washington Co., KY & Eleanor Hayden (also St. Mary's Co)
Son  N78490 Dr. John Joseph Roberts b. abt 1801 Washington Co., KY & Elizabeth Payne (also St. Mary's Co) 

These kits are 4th cousins once removed - so thier common ancestor is five and six generation prior. The kits are identical at a 67 marker level. This shows how rare a mutation is even in a 67 marker set (No mutations after 5+6=11 potential marker mutations).

Haplogroup R1b1a2a1, Set 01

n37429 N37429 R1b1a2a1a1b Isaac Newton Roberts born 1814, Lumpkin Co. Georgi United Kingdom 46068 R1b1a2 P.(Powel) O.(Onbey) Roberts Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1a2a1, Set 02 / (was R1b1b2a1b5) Colla Uais, a legendary High King of Ireland 306-31

145674 23643 R1b1a2 William Bartow Roberts, b. 1823, GA Scotland 58349 R1b1a2a1a1b Roberts Unknown Origin 145674 R1b1a2a1a1b4 John W. Roberts b.c.1811 or 1814 SC d.1880-1900 GA United Kingdom

Haplogroup R1b1a2a1, Set 03 / (was R1b1b2a1b5) Isreal P. Roberts b.~1794 Buncombe Co, NC

112119  R1b1a2        Roberts                                              Unknown Origin
103460  R1b1a2        Roberts                                              Unknown Origin
14409   R1b1a2a1a1b4  Israel Roberts                                       Unknown Origin
143392  R1b1a2a1a1b4  Aaron Roberts, 1760                                  Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1a2a1, Set 04 / (was R1b1b2a1b5) Robert Humphreys of Wales (father of Humphrey Robert

051784 n60465 024477 Linked on paper
51784   R1b1a2a1a1b4  Robert Humphreys, b.c. 1785, Pwllheli, Wales         Wales
24477   R1b1a2                                                             Unknown Origin

Haplogroup R1b1a2a1, Set 05

144940 and 60723 have a 54% chance of having a common ancestor in the past 6 generations 144940 ROBARDS, John b.1684 ?Wales 60723 R1b1a2 ROBARDS, John d.VA c1755 Unknown Origin 52870 R1b1a2a1a1b3c ROBARDS, John d.VA c1755 Wales


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