The idea for Movidius was first hatched in early 2005. David Moloney was his doing PhD research in Trinity College Dublin in High Performance Computing. At Trinity College he was in contact with Andy Nisbett in Computer Science who explained some of the work the College were doing on game physics which turned out to be very closely related to David’s work on high-performance numerical solvers (linear algebra) for mechanical engineering problems. David thought some more and started to discuss ideas with Sean Mitchell who was a long term collaborator and colleague from 1994 when they were both part of the team that took Parthus Technologies to IPO. David and Sean shared their idea with Valentin Muresan to figure out how they could develop it on a startup budget. 

The company engaged with Motorola Mobility which became part of Google. As Movidius fleshed out the architecture of “Fragrak” (Myriad 2), targeting 28nm technology, it formalised the engagement with Motorola late in 2012 around a computer vision project for object tracking called “Project Pink”. Project Pink eventually became the Google Project “Tango”. 

Robert joined the board in 2013, when Atlantic Bridge and Draper Esprit had just invested, and Remi El-Ouazzane had just joined as CEO. Between 2013 and 2016 when the company exited, the focus was on building HQ in Silicon Valley, delivering the next generation silicon, and scaling up commercially.