Im-Sense was founded in January 2006 as a spin-out from the University of East Anglia. Its founder and CTO, Graham Finlayson, is a world-recognised authority in the field of colour constancy. 

Robert joined as a Non-Executive Director in 2007, and served as the interim VP (Engineering), setting the product strategy and helping to build the team. 

Im-Sense focused on the development of a technology (EyeFidelity) which enhances digital photographs and
videos by adaptively enhancing dynamic range. Typical uses included salvaging underexposed photographs. The Company developed a number of products for iPhone, PC and MAC, marketed under the EyeFidelity™ brand. The images below show an image before and after processing by EyeFidelity™ and a screenshot from the Im-Photo™ program, a tool for professional photographers, which was developed by Robert. 

'before and after' photos 'Before and after' photos processed using EyeFidelity™ Im-Photo screenshot 

A screenshot from the Im-Photo program 

 Im-Sense was sold in July 2010 to an undisclosed industry buyer.