Green Parrot Pictures 

Green Parrot Pictures was founded in 2004 by Anil Kokaram, Professor of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at
Trinity College, Dublin. Anil is a world-recognised authority in the field of motion detection and analysis. 

The company saw success in developing motion estimation products for the film industry, including motion-based interpolation techniques for 'inbetweening' or interpolating missing pictures. 

Robert joined as a Non-Executive Director in 2008, later becoming Chairman. At the same time he took responsibility for Business Development and Marketing. 

Robert's main contribution to Green Parrot was to develop a strategy for growth by positioning the company to address new opportunities in higher volume markets. Robert and Anil and the team worked together closely to turn the strategy into reality. Green Parrot Pictures was acquired by Google in March 2011. 

The Technology 

Green Parrot has led the world in film restoration: for example dirt and sparkle removal, anti-shake, flicker removal, noise reduction, and scratch removal - typical examples of which problems are shown below: 

Examples of (a) dirt, (b) scratches and a (c) corrupted video frame - all ripe for processing by Green Parrot  technology

Green Parrot Pictures IP has been used in countless Hollywood movies, and is also used in a number of commercially available tools.