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Founded in 2008 by Florin Udrea and Julian Gardner, Cambridge CMOS Sensors (CCMOSS) is a fabless semiconductor company with an established high-volume supply chain manufacturing ultra-small and ultra-low-power gas sensors for consumer applications. 

Robert joined in 2015 as Chairman, to work with the board, founders and CEO, Nat Eddington, to scale the company and position the company for future fundraising and for exit. 

CCMOSS pioneered CMOS silicon hotplates with added intelligence for easy integration into a range of end products for air
 quality monitoring and breath analysis. Key features of CCMOSS products include ultra-low power consumption, fast response time, embedded intelligence and ultra-small form factor. These features enabled the CCMOSS products to be integrated into smartphones, wearables and smart home devices. 

In June 2016, AMS AG acquired CCMOSS for an undisclosed sum.