Companies founded by Robert Swann or which he has helped bring to market include:

: 2005 by Sean Mitchell, David Moloney and  Sean Mitchell and Valentin Muresan
Investors: AIB, Atlantic Bridge, Capital-E, DFJ Esprit and Robert Bosch Venture Capital
Technology: Vision processor silicon
Products: Myriad Vision Processor
Sold: 2016, to Intel

Cambridge CMOS Sensors
: 2008 by Florin Udrea and Julian Gardner
Investors: Parkwalk, 24 Haymarket, Cambridge University, Martlet
Technology: CMOS gas sensors 
Products: MOX gas sensors , microBright IR sources 
Sold: 2016, to AMS AG

Founded: 2005 by Ed Bullard
Investors: Close Ventures, London Technology Fund, NESTA 
Technology: Wafer-scale CMOS X-ray sensors 
Products: Dexela Mammography Workstation, DexView Image Processing 
Sold: 2011, to Perkin Elmer

Green Parrot Pictures
Green Parrot

Founded: 2004 by Anil Kokaram
Investors: Private company 
Technology: True motion estimation 
Products: GPP Stabilizer, GPP SloMo 
Sold: 2011, to Google Inc.


Founded: 2006 by Graham Finlayson
Investors: IQ Capital Partners LLP; Braveheart Ventures 
Technology: EyeFidelity™ 
Products: Im-Photo
Sold: 2010


Founded: 2001, by Robert Swann and Steve Barlow 
Investors: Prelude Trust; ACT; TTP Ventures; Doughty Hanson 
Technology: VideoCore® 
Products: VC01 and VC02 multimedia processors 
Sold: 2004, to Broadcom