Dr Robert Swann was Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing at Alphamosaic Ltd, a fabless semiconductor company specialising in multimedia processors for handheld devices such as mobile phones and media players.

Founded in April 2001 by Robert and colleague Steve Barlow, Alphamosaic developed an innovative two-dimensional DSP architecture for low-power video processing. Having achieved market success, the company was acquired by Broadcom Corporation in September 2004.

At Broadcom, Robert was the Senior Director with worldwide marketing responsibility for mobile multimedia products including Multimedia Applications Processors, Multimedia Coprocessors and ASICs which are used in cellphones, media players such as the Apple iPod, and other consumer products. Over 25 million Alphamosaic devices, and many more using Alphamosaic IP, have been sold to date.

Since leaving Broadcom in 2007, Robert has been working with a number of early-stage venture companies. He is Chairman of Spectral Edge, and Audio Analytic and a board member of Undo Software Ltd, Cedar Audio, and Movidius Ltd . Robert was Chairman of CCMOSS (acquired by AMS AG in 2016), Executive Chairman of Green Parrot Pictures Ltd (acquired by Google in 2011), and a board member of Im-Sense Ltd (acquired by Apple in 2010), Dexela (acquired by Perkin Elmer in 2011), and the East of England Development Agency.

Robert graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge, in Electrical and Information Sciences and gained a PhD in video processing at Cambridge University Engineering Department, where he has guest lectured and supervised undergraduates. He has published more than fifteen patents, many academic papers and has reviewed for various academic journals.

Robert lives in Cambridge with his wife, Mandy, who is a Fellow of St Edmund's College and a lecturer in the Faculty of Education.