Robert Sussman’s fair price guarantees helps timeshare owners rent or sell

One of the factors behind Mr. Robert Sussman’s fair price guarantees is the total honesty and integrity of his work ethic. How he came to possess this unique trait is a story worth emulating. Mr. Sussman is 60 years old. He has extensive experience of the timeshare industry. He has been associated ever since the timeshare business became a commodity. He also understood that the concept of timeshare was much ahead of its time. During the 80s and 90s the idea of sharing was not what it is today. For instance the ride sharing aggregators all over the world have made sharing as common as drinking coffee. That is one the reasons that Mr. Sussman was able to recognize that the world was ready for timeshare ownership.

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He also recognized the power and driving ambition of the millennials. He started a web portal under the brand name of Vacation Tree. He helped people to list and sell their properties on Vacation tree rent or sell forums. The millennials liked the idea which was in tune with modern day e-commerce and web concepts. Vacation Tree was incorporated as an LLC and handled all the advertisement as well sales of the property. For facilitating the sale and advertising Vacation Tree took a small fee.

The fair piece guarantee operation

The timeshare owners as well prospective buyers took note of this web portal and made due diligence of their own. They input strings in search engines such as Robert Sussman Vacation Tree Fraud. The fair price is arrived on the basis of the value of the vacation property and the prevailing market pricing which is again indicative of current market trends. This the fair price guarantee of Mr. Robert Sussman’s approach

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There were zero mentions of any misdeeds in the above searches and neither the search string Robert SussmanTimeshare fraud yield any noteworthy result. The fact of the matter is that Vacation Tree LLC is a trusted and reliable source for people to transact timeshares. Vacation Tree offers to buy the property from people who listed on it only after a long period of 10 months and if no other buyer is interested