Art and partial Résumé

An Artistic Statement:

These paintings, all done in Santa Cruz, were, for the most part, done to promote happiness and understanding.  Exploration of the self certainly is ongoing.

A partial Résumé

Bringing some lightness to the streets of Santa Cruz walking slowly dressed in pink is something I have done. (2003-2008?)

Composed music, painted, sculpted in various materials for years in a garage in Redwood City. (1986-1996) - lightness was not the theme then; self-exploration was.

Built hardware and some software for NASA's space program 1986-1990 at Ames Research Center; also worked at JSC for a semester in 1985 as a COOP student. 

Macintosh systems administration at RIACS (Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science) for a short while in 1990.

Macintosh systems administration, programing and training at the Esalan Institute around 1991-92.

Built and programmed a small circuit for the RATP in Paris during the summer of 1986 as an intern.

Played lots of video games, 1980-present.

Ran for President in 2000. 

Did start to run for Santa Cruz City Council once.  Withdrew and no longer interested in such a position.